Corn Maze QR Code Created In Canada

Sure it’s big enough, but look at the location… The Kraay family of Alberta, Canada, has created the world’s largest Quick Response code. You just have to be 100 feet tall, or in a plane, to actually use the corn maze QR code.

According to ABC, the family makes a corn maze every year. This year, however, they decided to try and set a Guinness World Record by making the world’s largest QR code.

Rachel Kraay said:

“We were just sitting around reading magazines and stuff when we saw one of the QR codes on the cover… I thought, ‘You know it kinds of looks like a maze, I wonder if we could make one?’ and the idea just kind of snowballed from there.”

The Kraay family recently updated their website stating that they can now claim the world record.

The family writes:

“We just heard from Guinness World Records that we achieved the record – 309,570 Square feet!! We’re SO excited!! Stay tuned for more info about our World Record Party on September 15th!”

The corn maze QR code covers a total of 15 acres. The maze may be a little inconvenient but Kraay says that the code does work.

Kraay said:

“The first time it didn’t and work and we figured out that it was because the paths weren’t dark enough compared to the corn.”

Here’s a picture of the Kraay family’s technological corn maze.

qr code

What do you think about the QR code corn maze?