Boston Taxi Driver Finds $187,000 Cash In Cab And Gives It To Police

According to USA Today, a taxi driver from Boston found roughly $187,000 in cash in the back seat of his cab and turned it over to the police. The taxi cab driver told the Boston Police Department he had picked up a homeless man who had left the money in the back of his taxi.

Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland is the name of this honest taxi cab driver in Boston who works for Independent Taxi Operators. It was on July 1, according to AP, that the taxi driver gave a man with just one leg a ride.

“He told me he was homeless and had been living in a shelter for six months.”

Shortly after the Boston taxi driver picked up the homeless man who accidentally left $187,000 cash in the back of his taxi, he said he wanted to meet a friend. The homeless man told the taxi driver he would return. The taxi driver from Boston waited for 30 minutes for the man who left the $187,000 cash in the back of his taxi before leaving.

Realizing the homeless man had left his things in the back of the taxi, the driver drove back to his hotel to try to find the man – with the help of the staff. This was when the taxi driver checked the bag and discovered it was full of $100 and $50 bills.

Once the Boston taxi driver discovered the large amounts of money in the bag the homeless man had left in his vehicle, he immediately turned the bag over to the Boston Police Department. The Boston Police Department was able to determine that the money was part of an inheritance the homeless man had received.

Taxi driver finds cash

“To me that was a relief,” the Boston taxi driver said when asked why he turned the money over or how he felt about turning the money over.

“Because I know if it wasn’t they’d come looking for me.”

The Boston taxi driver knows he could have taken a chance and kept the money he found in his taxi cab for himself, but, as an honest man, he knew keeping the $187,000 cash he found was not right. He also knew the homeless man would likely come looking for him for the money once he realized he had misplaced it.

According to USA Today, the owner of the money did call the taxi company who, in turn, contacted the police. He was able to pick up the backpack and all of the money he had left behind in the taxi cab. The homeless man did give the Boston taxi driver a reward of $100 for returning the money he had left in his cab.

While some people question that the reward seems awfully small for returning such a large amount of money, this Boston taxi driver says this isn’t the first time someone has made the mistake of leaving a large sum of money in his cab. In fact, the taxi driver claims someone left $30,000 in his taxi cab roughly 30 years ago. The Boston taxi driver also returned that money, but the owners didn’t give him a cash reward.

“I returned that and they didn’t give me nothing. Sometimes you get good tips, sometimes you don’t.”

What do you think about the Boston taxi driver returning the $187,000 cash he found in the back seat of his cab? If you were in his position, would you have given the money over to the police or would you have kept the money for yourself? More importantly, what do you think about the $100 reward the Boston taxi driver was given for returning the money? Was it a reward or a slap in the face?

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