New Alton Sterling Shooting Video No. 2 From ‘Daily Beast’: Police Call Alton ‘Boy’ Or ‘Bro,’ Shoot Him To Death [Graphic Video]

The new and graphic second video of the Alton Sterling shooting can be seen below. Whereas the first video of the Sterling shooting that went viral on Wednesday, July 6 was from farther away — and turned away during the critical moments when Alton was shot — the second video of Sterling’s shooting is closer and shows the moment Alton is shot by police.

Warning: The video of Alton being shot, which can be viewed here, is graphic. The Sterling shooting video also contains language that might offend some viewers.

As reported by the Daily Beast, the new video of the Sterling shooting proves that Alton wasn’t holding a gun in his hand when he was shot. As such, social media users are reacting with anger to the new Sterling shooting video.

alton sterling shooting death

The first Alton shooting video had already angered those who were upset enough to take to the streets and protest Sterling’s shooting death. The melee began when police received an anonymous call stating that a man had been threatening customers at the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge.

Warning: The video of Alton being shot is graphic, which is the first video that made it to the public. The Sterling shooting video also contains language that might offend some viewers. You can view that video here.

The fact that Sterling was shot to death while two white police officers held Alton down is causing outrage online. Both Officer Blane Salamoni and Officer Howie Lake have been placed on leave, which is standard protocol while the investigation into the Alton Sterling shooting death continues.

The death of Sterling was apparently captured on more than one cell phone, and with the new video footage of Alton’s shooting death clearly appearing to contradict some of the narrative previously reported to the public, the outrage over the incident continues.

Both the NAACP and Congress had called for an investigation at the federal level, beyond the confines of Baton Rouge. In response to the protests over Alton’s shooting death, as clearly seen in the new video, the Justice Department has begun such an investigation.

The harrowing video shows blood on Sterling’s chest after being shot, with Alton appearing to try to raise his left hand as he bled to death. Both officers seem to keep their guns trained on Sterling for a little while, with one of the officer’s cursing after he is shot to death.

Sterling was shot in the parking lot, and according to the Daily Beast, the owner of the store, Abduallah Muflahi, reported that Alton was not the troublemaker. In fact, the store owner called Alton a welcomed sight at his store, where Sterling often sold CDs from the parking lot.

According to Heavy, Abduallah was the person who recorded the second video of Alton being shot by Baton Rouge police. Authorities had already confiscated the security video from the store, which could potentially be a video of Alton being shot that has not been released to the public as of this writing.

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The new video is 38 seconds long and shows officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II, according to Heavy, holding Sterling down.

In the second video released of Alton’s shooting, one police officer can be heard yelling that Sterling had a gun. The 37-year-old Alton was called “boy” or “bro” — as the second video’s audio appears to capture — and was warned not to move. Another police officer yells that Alton was going for his gun. An officer can be heard on his police radio reporting that shots had been fired. One police officer can be seen removing an object from Sterling’s pocket after he was shot. Alton died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds to the back and chest.

On Twitter, searches for Alton Sterling’s name coupled with terms like “Obama,” and searches for the full and new video Sterling video, are being reported. Searches for “Alton Sterling paedophile” are also being reported, with some writing that Alton is being vilified because of the manner in which he was shot. Twitter also oddly reports the name “Alton Serling” trending instead of “Alton Sterling,” which is how news organizations are reporting his name.

According to Heavy, Alton was a registered sex offender.

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