May 24, 2017
'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Newcomer Karen King Facing 3-Year Minimum If Convicted For Fraud

Karen King was arrested in May while making an appearance at an Atlanta club. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was charged with three felony counts of fraud and identity theft for her alleged role in a Saks Fifth Avenue fraud scam. Now it looks like King may be sitting in prison for several years and could still be serving time when her son Scrapp DeLeon is released in a few years.

King was busted after she allegedly bought almost $5,000 from Saks Fifth Avenue. The problem was, Karen King wasn't using her own credit cards and ID to make the purchases. It wasn't until a sting operation ended in the arrest of one of her supposed accomplices who happened to work for the ritzy retail story and quickly flipped on KK.

According to Wetpaint, if she is found guilty, Karen King will be spending at least three years behind bars. She has been charged with two counts of credit card fraud and one count of identity fraud. Each of those charges carries a one-year mandatory minimum. Karen King knows all about mandatory minimums since her son is currently serving a mandatory minimum sentence at Macon State Prison after a conviction earlier this year for drug trafficking.

The sentencing drama and Scrapp DeLeon's surrender to prison was all shown on Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Scrapp's family and his fans are still wearing Free Scrapp T-shirts and talking about his incarceration while his mom is also facing several years behind bars for her own alleged crimes. Now fans are wondering if Karen will end up behind bars and still serving time when Scrapp is released.

When Karen King was initially arrested in May, the whole incident was caught on film. Just days after her arrest, Karen issued a statement and according to Starcasm, she said the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding. If convicted, it could be a misunderstanding that puts her away for years. While each count holds a one-year minimum sentence, the maximum time that King could serve for all of the charges could be as many as 30 years.

It didn't take long for LHHATL fans to hear about King's arrest, and it definitely wasn't her first brush with the law. Just before Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta started, the criminal history of some of the newest cast members was brought to light. That included Karen King being featured on America's Most Wanted. Karen and her kids were implicated in the kidnapping, beating, and attempted murder of Karen's ex-husband.

Of course, that was all just a big misunderstanding too, according to KK. While she said that her husband got what he deserved, she also denied having anything to do with his near-death ride in the trunk that thankfully ended when the driver was pulled over during a traffic stop.

Karen King also has a long history of identity fraud and forgery arrests that go back for years. Considering her history of breaking the law, she would be very lucky to receive any mandatory minimum sentences if she does end up getting convicted on the identity fraud and credit card fraud charges.

In the wake of her arrest, Karen King did say she plans to take her case to trial, which would drag the whole process out. That had fans thinking maybe they would see more of this legal process play out on future episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

[Image via VH1]