July 6, 2016
Kate Middleton Pregnant? Rumors Circulate Again After Duchess Allegedly Covers 'Baby Bump'

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have been circulating around the internet. The duchess was seen recently wearing a Missoni coat with a zigzag print, but appeared to look bulkier, reported Headline and Global News. While at the Somme 100 Commemoration Service, Middleton was noticed to be holding a clutch throughout the entirety of the service. This action led to the speculation that the duchess was attempting to hide a baby bump. Kate Middleton was also wearing white lace on a "black peplum dress," which led many to wonder if she was using fashion to hide a potential pregnancy. Still, it remains unsure whether or not the duke and duchess are expecting.

Kate Middleton's pregnancy is an unlikely event, explained Headline and Global News. The publication also pointed out that the royal couple already has either Prince George or Princess Charlotte as an heir to the throne. Kate and William also need to focus on meeting "royal duties and obligations," such as the Somme 100 Commemoration Service.

The duke and duchess were joined by Prince Harry at a vigil on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Somme. The United Kingdom's military organized the event to both honor and remember the fatalities of 70,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers, explained Headline and Global News.

Kate Middleton's pregnancy always seems to be a hot topic amongst tabloids and royal junkies alike. Generally, when the duchess wears any clothes that don't compliment her tiny frame, many begin to speculate whether or not the royal family will be having a third addition. Recently, several publications speculated that Kate Middleton was going to have either another little girl or even twins.

Despite the pregnancy reports, no announcements have been made about the duke and duchess having another child. Instead, web surfers alike have been worried about Middleton's health.

A Kate Middleton's pregnancy might not be in the cards for now. According to Headline and Global News, the duchess has become very thin within the last few months. Apparently, Prince William is concerned about his wife's passion for health and fitness. Not only does he believe that the duchess isn't in physical shape for a third child, but isn't thrilled with her obsessive behavior. Since giving birth to Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton has supposedly been infatuated exercise and diet. Some believe that the duchess' choice to wear the Missoni coat at the Somme 100 Commemoration Service was an attempt to hide her potentially anorexic body.

Kate Middleton's pregnancies are usually accompanied with a lot of struggle. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the duchess suffered some severe cases of morning sickness with both Prince George and Princess Charlotte. As a result of this, the royal couple was forced to announce their "pregnancies a bit sooner" than they anticipated. These aren't the only rumors surrounding Kate Middleton's potential pregnancy. Game N Guide reported on the possibility that Middleton and her husband Prince William might be having another child to save their supposed failing marriage. According to this website, the royal couple has stumbled upon challenging times.

A Kate Middleton pregnancy could be quintessential in saving her marriage with Prince William, if this rumor is true. Not only is the duchess apparently struggling with potentially failing matrimony, but might be having a tiff with Prince Harry. According to Game N Guide, Kate Middleton was supposedly incredibly furious with Harry after discovering he had secretly gone on a date with his former girlfriend Jecca Craig, while in Kenya.

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