‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kate Frets Over Deimos’ Return, Andre Cooks Up A New Scheme, And Chad ‘Talks’ To Stefano About Abigail

Things are getting juicy in Salem, and Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday’s show tease that there are big moments ahead. Deimos shocked Kate by revealing that he is alive and back in town, and the July 7 show brings more on that front. What else can everybody expect in the scenes ahead?

Kate envisioned quite a few encounters with Deimos, but now he has returned to the mansion for real, and she was left rather dumbfounded. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that she will be quite afraid during Thursday’s show that he is going to be looking for revenge after what she did to him. Deimos surely will be looking to take her down, but he may relish having her worried and hanging as he toys with her.

Where are things headed with Deimos, Kate, and Nicole? Days of Our Lives spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that next week Kate and Deimos will go to the police and fill them in on things, but it sounds as if they will be telling a twisted tale that leaves out many of the actual specifics. Fans can bet that there are big twists and turns on the way on this front.

Chad received a letter from Abigail detailing that she would be staying away from her family for good, and Andre happened to be the one who delivered the letter. Chad voiced a bit of suspicion over Abigail having written the letter, and he is curious about what Andre knows about her disappearance.

Days of Our Lives spoilers share that he will have a conversation with Stefano in a sense during this next episode. Apparently, Stefano tries to convince Chad that it may be best for Thomas if he is kept away from Abigail. It is known that Kate Mansi has wrapped up her time in the role of Abby, and the character will remain hidden until this fall when actress Marci Miller steps into the role.

Andre has been keeping lots of secrets, and Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that he is cooking up a new scheme of sorts. During Thursday’s episode, he will learn of a private plane that went down, and this will seemingly spark an idea of some sort for him. The buzz is that he will make it look like Abigail died in a plane crash, fabricating proof to convince Chad.

Viewers know that Andre has already formed a dangerous partnership with Kate. He is aligned with Aiden; he has promised to take down Rafe, and he seems to have some connection to Abigail’s disappearance. He convinced Chad to sign over a small house to him, and now, this plane incident sparks something else. Just what is Andre’s end game? Fans are quite curious to see where things are headed on this front.

As the rest of the week plays out, viewers will see Theresa making plans for her wedding while Summer boards a plane to leave Salem. There have been Days of Our Lives spoilers swirling that Summer may end up with a very small companion as she bids farewell to Salem as the buzz is that she may end up kidnapping Tate. It is also known that Summer will be leaving the show quite soon, and Theresa is departing later in the year. Will a Tate kidnapping be at the center of these departures?

What does Deimos have planned for Kate in his return to Salem? Can Chad track down Abigail soon, and what is Andre’s role in her disappearance? Spoilers note that there are more juicy moments on the way, and everybody will be anxious to see what comes next as the chaos continues on Days of Our Lives.

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