Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston 'Clone' Again, Wear Matching Shoes

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston seem to be so linked romantically that they often wear matching clothes. Although rumors abound that the romance is nothing but a sham set up for Taylor's new music video, if the two are faking it, they're doing a great job! According to Hollywood Life, Taylor and Tom are so unable to "hide their love" that they dress the same way to show the world how real they are.

Most recently, the clone alert went off when Swift and Hiddleston were partying with their famous friends on the Fourth of July. Taylor's slip-on summer footwear was a near perfect match for Hiddleston's shoes, and they each rocked the Soludo slippers that retail for around $55. Both pairs of shoes were light colored and coordinated super well on the adorable couple.

Tom looked happy in his seersucker original dall in navy/white, although that happiness could have been because Taylor was snuggled down on his lap as they soaked up some holiday sun. Swift went for a brighter version of the shoes, with a red stripe that caught the eye as she let her feet dangle over Tom's legs.

Wearing the coordinated shoes probably gave Tom a bit of a boost to help him through the experience of meeting and being judged by Taylor's "ever-growing, star-studded squad." Swift holds the Independence Day party every year, and it always includes an "embarrassingly talented lineup of singers, actors and general pretty people" who might easily have caused even a top star like Hiddleston to feel some anxiety.

According to E! News, Tom's water antics may have been enough to earn him the Swift squad "seal of approval."
Time magazine reports that British Tom was cool and confident all the way and "proved his mettle" to the squad as a potential serious partner for Swift. He even "led the way" when he and Taylor, along with some of the other friends, took a turn on the water slide. Making sure that he took "the brunt of the splash" was a surefire way to win approval, and Cara Delevingne went so far as to give him a shout out on Instagram.A source told E! Online that Taylor's friends are supportive of her relationship with the English actor, and that they "really like Tom."

"They all really like Tom and like how he treats Taylor. Things are moving fast between them but none of her friends are worried because they never have seen her this happy."

All this matchy-matchy isn't new. Tom and Taylor, whose names even ring with a similar sound, have been known to sport the "same attire" on other occasions too. One of those occasions was a very special day for the "PDA-filled couple," when Taylor took Tom to Nashville so that she could introduce her man to her parents. For that event, the kind of thing that can always be a nerve-wrecker, the couple both chose "gray suede shoes."

The big meeting turned out very well, probably thanks to Tom's own brand of British charm and Taylor's evident affection for her beau. The matching shoes may have helped too!

According to a body language expert who spoke with Hollywood Life, the lookalike makes total sense because there's some "intense sexual chemistry" going on between Taylor and Tom. The expert noticed the summer shoe coordination at the Fourth of July party but also pointed out a lot of interesting things about how Swift and Hiddleston were sitting together.

"The way she's sitting on Tom's lap is very sexy. His legs are slightly spread open and her legs are down inside his lap. This shows a new sexual connection, along with a strong and intense sexual chemistry."

[Photo by KGC-294/STAR MAX/IPx]