South Carolina Woman Finds Ex-Boyfriend Living In Attic 12 Years After The Break-Up [Video]

Charlotte, SC – A Rock Hill area woman found the boyfriend she ended a relationship with 12 years ago living in her attic. The single mother-of-five sent her two oldest sons and a nephew to discover the source of the thumping noises coming from the ceiling, thinking an animal or perhaps even a ghost had moved in uninvited. Instead of a furry rodent or a poltergeist, a 44-year-old ex-convict was found nestled next to the home’s heating unit.

The South Carolina nurse is being indentified as “Tracy” to protect her privacy from the old boyfriend, who remains on the loose. The former love had packed jackets and coats around the heating unit in an attempt to keep warm and cozy in the attic abode. Tracy told the Charlotte Observer that the last time she had seen the man was around a year ago when he had completed some odd jobs around her house. Tracy had also received jail house letters from her ex-boyfriend but notes she made it clear that the relationship was over. According to the homeowner, her unwelcome guest has both robbery and drug offenses on his record and once stole her truck.

The old beau allegedly used a ceiling air vent as a peep hole to spy on the Charlotte nurse from his crow’s nest in the attic, the Daily Mail reports. A series of odd sounds and loose ceiling fixtures scared the woman and her children, who still are unsure of how the ex-convict made his way inside the home. Police officers found multiple soft drink cups filled with urine and feces near the area where the former significant other was bedding down. Law enforcement officers suspects the man had been secretly living in the home for weeks.