Nintendo Wii U Gets European Preview On September 13

The Nintendo Wii U will be shown off in a European preview on September 13 with Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata appearing in a new Nintendo Direct video.

Shibata will host the next European Nintendo Direct address which will stream live on the same day as Nintendo’s big Wii U announcement. According to the U.K. Nintendo Direct website the address will “take a closer look at the upcoming Wii U console” at 3 pm BST (10 am EDT).

September 19 is the same day when Nintendo is expected to announced a Wii U release date, price, and launch titles.

In the meantime it is still unclear if the US Nintendo Direct channel will receive a similar reveal in the near future.

In a recently leaked VPD screenshot the Wii U was shown with three versions: $249 model, $299 model, and $349.

Rumors are pointing to a late release for the European version of the Nintendo Wii U. According to reports the gaming console was pushed back in Europe because of manufacturing problems that have delayed the console. If those reports are correct the Nintendo Wii U won’t release until at least December.

The United States in the meantime is expected to have the Nintendo Wii U on the market in time for Black Friday. With pricing about to be released and Nintendo’s hype machine going into full swing it’s likely the upcoming announcements will be met with a swift console release schedule.

As we recently reported at least one rumor is pointing to a November 11 US release for the Nintendo Wii U.