WWE News: WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart Claims Triple H Cannot Lace His F’N Boots In The Ring

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart seems to have a lot of issues with Triple H. Some say it is warranted while others say it is very stupid. More agree with the latter, as Hart takes shots at The Game seemingly whenever he can. Most believe the issues he has had with Triple H started back during the Montreal Screwjob. Triple H had a very small role in the screwjob, as he did know about it but was charged with mostly trying to keep Shawn Michaels from getting killed by Hart mostly. Really, he was just an insurance policy for HBK.

Triple H was heard on camera saying “if Bret doesn’t want to do business, we’ll do business for him.” This led some to thinking the entire thing that happened was Triple H’s idea when most know these days that Vince McMahon had the entire thing happen.

Both Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels have buried the hatchet with The Hitman, as they spoke with him but publicly and privately. Hart has seemingly not spoken of issues since with either man. The only time he would do so is if he was asked about the screwjob, which Hart will see from his side only. Regardless, Triple H’s role was small but still big to Hart it appears. Triple H reportedly never spoke to Hart and apologized for his part. Of course we cannot know he didn’t, but it does seem like he did not.

Due to the fact that The Game really didn’t do anything other than keep Michaels safe, what does he have to apologize for?

Montreal Screwjob

At the end of the day, Hart still holds a huge grudge over Triple H and wants to make sure you know about it too. He has said some real things about The Game in the past that most agree with, but outside of those few things he has attacked Triple H like a bitter old man with everything else.

On the recent episode of Hart’s Sharpshooter Podcast, Hart yet again targeted The Cerebral Assassin, this time mostly over a rating in the WWE 2K16 video game rating. He found a way to make sure you knew his thoughts on Triple H with it too. He discussed the issue with his sons Blade and Dallas about the ordeal, saying the following.

“I like the new one. I have some discrepancies with the game a little bit. I went to a thing last Fall when the latest 2K game was coming out. They were telling me how I’m an 85 or something like that and Triple H is a 98. I remember I was like, ‘Why would he be a 98?’ And they go, ‘Well because he’s the boss and we have to suck up to the boss.’ I dunno, he was laughing about it. It kinda pissed me off. I thought,’I don’t care how many titles Triple H wins. He could never lace up my f***ing boots. Period.’ He was a very good, medium, mediocre wrestler. He never blew me away with anything he’s ever done, he’s never come up with much. He’s always been a very decent wrestler that could give you a good match but as far as being like mind blowing… I never saw it, I’ve still never seen it.”

HHH Hart

Hart then spoke of the infamous 4/10 line he had about Triple H a while back when continuing his rant.

“I’ve seen him in some matches and the whole ‘4/10’ thing came out of his match with Brock Lesnar, which should have been such a good match. It was a mediocre match, if that. That’s where the ‘4/10’ comes from, he’s always a guy that will give you a ‘5/10’ match every night. He’s going to give you all he can give you and that’s just my opinion. There are certain guys where you put these video games out and I don’t care, I think you have to do justice to the wrestlers as they were in their careers. It should be based on reality, not things like who you know in the office. Vince McMahon could make him 35-time World Champion and it doesn’t mean he’s 35 times better than anyone else that ever wrestled, he’s just not. As far as the games go, I think they should be honest. Someone like Bruno Sammartino should never be a jobber on a video game, so and so forth. I think you have to pay respect. When I think of a video game, I think about how I’d love to have Buddy Rogers vs. Ric Flair, something like that where you can wrestle these Legends against each other from different periods and stuff. They should always represent the reality of what the business is and was. It should also include the respect the wrestlers have for each other in the dressing room.”

There are quite a number of things that Bret Hart misses at the end of the day. Triple H is technically not the boss. He does not really even handle the video game side of things either. He simply runs talent relations. Vince McMahon is ultimately still the boss. He certainly was last year. While it looks very likely that Triple H will slowly gain more power in the company, his wife, Stephanie McMahon, will most likely get her father’s job as either Chairman of the Board or CEO. In fact, that could happen sooner than most think.

On top of this, his words on Triple H make absolutely no sense. Triple H was a mediocre, medium/decent wrestler who could give you a good match? How many decent wrestlers give good matches? According to Hart, the term good must mean every match he ever had. So if he he called a Triple H match good, wouldn’t that mean Triple H was a good wrestler, too?

Hart vs Michaels

While no one will disagree with Bret Hart on his rating, as it should be higher on the 2K video games — and we also can agree that Triple H could come down a bit, especially these days. The biggest issue here is that Hart is crying over a video game rating out of nowhere, just to seemingly find a way to bash Triple H yet again. Triple H is a good performer who had some legendary matches with a variety of people such as Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels alone. Hart himself never blew any minds with his performances, although he was an excellent worker who had great matches.

When it comes to not coming up with anything, Triple H came up with his finisher in the pedigree while interestingly Bret Hart didn’t come up with his iconic sharpshooter. On top of this, Triple H is responsible for the WWE Performance Center going up as well as the WWE NXT brand we see today. To add to this, he is an excellent judge of talent as he’s hired some of the best wrestlers in the world since he took over talent relations years ago.

Triple H deserves some heat for stuff he did in the past. However, when it comes to his work in the ring and his ability to connect with fans, there is no one out there who can say he wasn’t one of the best of all time with a straight face. Bret Hart and his hatred for The Game will continue for some reason. It is sad to see him continue this when he should be above it, especially with how well WWE treated him since he came back years ago.

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