‘I Am Still Sanders’: Bernie Sanders Won’t Give Up As Long As His Supporters Believe In Him

It certainly seems as if Bernie Sanders is out of the 2016 presidential election race, and virtually all signs point to that being the case. Hillary Clinton has not officially been named candidate from the Democratic Party, but it’s hard to believe that Sanders could make the comeback and beat her out. Still, there are fans and supporters of his around the country who just can’t give up and are letting the world know that “I Am Still Sanders.”

No matter how much proof is right there before his eyes, they are not going to give up on Bernie Sanders.

As reported by Politico, there are still Bernie Sanders signs in the yards of thousands of voters. People are still wearing Bernie shirts and have bumper stickers on their vehicles that proclaim “Run, Bernie, Run!” Celebrities are still out there campaigning for him and aren’t going to give up the fight they want him to continue.

It has been more than three weeks since the Democratic primary ended in California, and since then, Sanders has shifted his focus. Now, he doesn’t seem to be set on beating out his female opponent but on the Democratic Party defeating Donald Trump no matter who is running.

While he may be looking ahead to the inevitable, those in California don’t feel the same way he does.

As it was just revealed that no charges would be brought by the FBI against Hillary Clinton for her email scandal, their findings didn’t help her. As reported by the New York Times, the findings of the FBI still will damage a number of her claims and have already caused her to lost the trust of many voters.

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For one to win the Democratic Party nomination, a candidate needs to take 2,383 delegates, and neither yet has that. Clinton has 2,811 (of which 591 are superdelegates), and Sanders has 1,879 as of Wednesday — there are just 75 remaining.

That doesn’t set in stone that Sanders will lose, but it’s extremely likely.

Most media outlets have pretty much called the race, and CNN even went as far as to point out the nine top moments from Bernie Sanders’ campaign. The miracle victory in Michigan topped the list and of course, there was the moment in Portland where “Birdie Sanders” showed up out of nowhere.

Still, his supporters aren’t yet ready to give up the good fight. They are indeed “still Sanders,” and plan on letting the world know that until it is proven that it’s time to stop.

Maybe some of their confidence is beginning to rub off on him, as the IB Times reports that Bernie Sanders is still running for president and hasn’t officially given up yet. Believe it or not, his campaign is organizing a major rally in Philadelphia on July 24, which just so happens to be the day before the Democratic National Convention.

According to the Burlington Free Press, Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said back in June that Bernie Sanders would give a “victory statement” at the rally planned for July 24. Briggs didn’t necessarily go that far this time, but they are not stopping the rally or the planning.

“The planning for the Philadelphia convention is still in the works. Happy to let you know when details are nailed down.”

Bernie Sanders may have gotten to the point in this race that he knows there isn’t much of a chance that he will become the candidate for the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton is leading the way and he knows that, but his supporters may not want to acknowledge it. They hope he will be the candidate for their political party and that he will be the next President of the United States, and his supporters are letting everyone know that they are “still Sanders.”

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]