Pasta Is Not Fattening And Can Help You Lose Weight, According To A Recent Study

Yes it is true! A recent study has proven that not only is pasta not fattening, but pasta can help dieters lose weight. This is especially welcome news for anyone who has been suffering through the Whole 30, Paleo or Low Carb High Fat diets, which eschews all carbohydrates including pasta. These high-protein diets have recently challenged years of research of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. This Italian study has once again given credence to the Mediterranean diet and no longer demonizing pasta.

A Mediterranean diet includes such delicious foods as olive oil, vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, fruits such as figs, lemons, and blueberries, feta cheese, beans, fish, nuts, grains, yoghurt and of course, pasta. Top it off with a glass of red wine — or two — and you have the ingredients for a heart-healthy way of living.

Now, a new study says that pasta can help you lose weight. Published in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes, this recent study followed over 23,00o people. They discovered a connection between pasta consumption and lower body mass and the all important waist-to-hip ratio. A total of 14,402 participants were over the age of 35 and randomly recruited from the Molise region, while the other 8,962 participants were over the age of 18 and recruited from all over Italy. The discovery was that pasta was a better adhesion to the Mediterranean diet. The result was a better BMI for both men and women.

The paper’s lead author, George Pounis, was very clear that pasta has been unfairly demonized as fattening and healthy. While many advocates of the high protein diet claim that pasta is the reason for the overweight epidemic, this study proves that past should not be demonized. Pasta, in fact, a way to prevent from straying from the healthy Mediterranean diet. Pasta can help you lose weight.

“We have seen that consumption of pasta, contrary to what many think, is not associated with an increase in body weight, rather the opposite. Our data shows that enjoying pasta according to individuals’ needs contributes to a healthy body mass index, lower waist circumference and better waist-hip ratio.”

The Telegraph spoke to Dr. Gunter Kuhnle who endorsed the metrics of the study as being sound. The Associate Professor in Nutrition and Health at the University of Reading, Kuhnle also cites that most people who consume a lot of pasta also follow the popular and healthy Mediterranean diet. So, while some may feel that this Italian study is more biased for consuming pasta, the consumption of pasta in Italy is a big part of the regional diet that is considered very healthy by many doctors and nutritionists. In addition, this expert pointed out that pasta could be an important component for successfully sticking to and following the Mediterranean diet. Pasta can help you lose weight.

“In this context, it is however important to understand that pasta intake cannot be seen in isolation but that it is part of a dietary pattern. In this study, people who consumed a lot of pasta also followed a traditional ‘Mediterranean diet,’ which is not surprising as the study was conducted in a Mediterranean population. Pasta intake could therefore be mainly a marker for adherence to this kind of diet.”

Then, Dr. Kuhnle discusses the study and the recent demonization of carbohydrates with the popularity of the Whole 30, Paleo, and the Low Carb High Fat diets.

“What is interesting, however, is that these results clearly show that it is wrong to demonise carbohydrates as the data clearly show that consumption of a carbohydrate-rich food such as pasta does not have an adverse effect on body weight.”

For those who are struggling through the Whole 30 diet, Paleo, and Low Carb High Fat diets, they may want to jump back to their preferred Mediterranean diet now that the research has shown that pasta can help you lose weight.

Have you cut out pasta because you thought it would make you gain weight? Now that you know that pasta can help you lose weight, will you now return to eating pasta?

[Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Waldorf Astoria Chicago]