Roku Now Streams Live MLB Games, Offers Past Weeks Games On Demand

Roku has always impressed me with their ability to easily stream Netflix and Amazon on demand titles with a few button pushes, now the company has announced the newest addition to their arsenal, the ability to watch live MLB games.

The live streaming MLB matches are offered through MLB.TV a pay to view online service which allows users to watch any currently in play MLB game in real time. If you’re not yet an MLB.TV user you can pick up a membership for the rest of the major league season for a respectable $35.

The program is perfect for baseball fans who miss many of their favorite teams games because their not being played within their viewable television network space. Now those games can not only be watched, they can be viewed in full HD for maximum picture quality. Users can also watch games on demand that have occurred within the last week by searching out their favorite team and choosing the match up they want to view.