Sabado Gigante Actor Adonis Losada Gets 153 Years In Prison For Child Pornography

Former Sabado Gigante actor Adonis Losada was sentenced to 153 years in prison Wednesday, a crime for which he is already serving 10 years, the Miami Herald is reporting.

For eight years, Losada tickled the funny bones of Spanish-speaking television watchers throughout parts of South America and the United States as a regular player on Sabado Gigante (“Gigantic Saturday”), the long-running Chilean variety show that aired in the U.S. on Univision. Losada played Doña Concha (“Lady Shell”), a gray-haired, wacky old lady.

As it turns out, when Losada wasn’t in front of the Sabado Gigante cameras, he was visiting online child pornography sites.

Prosecutors say that in 2009, Losada was in a child pornography chat room called “Baby Toddler Love” when he struck up a conversation with another user about meeting in person — that “user” was actually an undercover cop, according to an April 15 Miami Herald report. Losada sent pornographic images of babies and toddlers to the user via the chat room at the time; as prosecutor Pavielle Bookman told jurors during Losada’s trial, there was no ambiguity that the children in the pornographic images were underage.

“There is no doubt. They’re not even close to 18. They’re babies.”

Some time later, Losada met an undercover cop at Hallandale Beach, Florida, Starbucks. As hidden surveillance cameras rolled, Losada looked through a book of child pornography images of babies and toddlers.

Losada was arrested and charged with 51 counts of possessing child porn images.

During his trial, the former Sabado Gigante star, in what the Miami Herald would describe as a “histrionic performance,” took to the witness stand in his own defense.

Crying and waving his hands dramatically, Losada told the jurors, in Spanish, that he didn’t know “Baby Toddler Love” was a child pornography chat room.

“No sir, I do not like [child pornography]. You have to enjoy that garbage. You have to be a very sick person to like that.”

Losada’s lawyer, David Sisselman, tried to convince the jury that Losada was merely playing along and pretending to enjoy child porn for the sake of scoring a date with the man with whom he was chatting.

“Adonis was looking for a guy. Guys on a date say a lot of things to get to the end result. You like mermaids? I’ll say I like mermaids and play Poseidon and bring my trident.”

The jury, however, didn’t buy it, and in April, convicted Losada, who is already serving 10 years on a separate child pornography conviction, on all 51 counts. On Wednesday, the judge handed down the sentence to the 52-year-old: 153 years in prison, effectively sentencing the actor to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Adonis Losada is not the first minor celebrity to be undone by child pornography charges. Perhaps the most famous example is that of Paul Francis Gadd, the English glam-rock star who performed under the name Gary Glitter. Back in 1997, Gadd took his computer to a repair shop. There, workers discovered pornographic images of children on his hard drive. He was sentenced to four months in jail and required to register as a sex offender. Afterwards, Gadd left the U.K. for southeast Asia, where he racked up charges of sex with underage girls in both Cambodia and Vietnam.

Adonis Losada’s former show, Sabado Gigante, ran more or less continuously for 53 years, beginning in 1962, before being cancelled for good in 2015. Losada’s legal troubles are not believed to have contributed to Sabado Gigante‘s cancellation, as Losada had been scrapped from the show six years before it was cancelled.

[Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]