‘Imperium’ Movie Trailer No. 1: Daniel Radcliffe Is KKK Neo-Nazi White Supremacist [Video]

A new and topical movie trailer is making waves online. As seen below, the official Imperium movie trailer stars Daniel Radcliffe as a guy who infiltrates a neo-Nazi group in order to try and take them down.

Already, the above official Imperium movie trailer has received nearly one million views since being uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, July 5. Copies of the same video, such as the one titled “Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Daniel Radcliffe Movie” on YouTube, have garnered nearly 400,000 views in about 23 hours.

Either way, the description of the official Imperium movie trailer on YouTube lets moviegoers know what they have to look forward to, which is a movie that is much different than the Harry Potter role Daniel is known for inhabiting.

“Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe), a young, idealistic FBI agent, goes undercover to take down a radical right-wing terrorist group.”

“Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Burn Gorman”

“In theaters: August 19th, 2016”

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Radcliffe taking on the role of an undercover white supremacist in Imperium makes for a dramatic shift from Daniel’s lighter roles. Radcliffe stars in the film as an FBI agent who is not sure if he has what it takes to bring down the neo-Nazi group planning to build a bomb.

Imperium is based on a real-life group of white supremacists encountered by Michael German. German was once an FBI agent who learned plenty in his years inside the neo-Nazi movement. Therefore, Michael had lots of experiences to draw upon when he helped write Imperium.


Lest Imperium sound like a movie based on fantasy, real-life terror suspects such as Beate Zschaepe — shown in the above photo — prove otherwise. Beate has been on trial in Munich, Germany, since May 2013. Zschaepe is suspected of helping a neo-Nazi terrorist group named National Socialist Underground (NSU) commit a series of murders throughout Germany.


There are also people like Brent Waller, as seen in the above photo. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Brent is a Mississippi grand dragon and a United Dixie White Knights spokesperson. KKK members still burn crosses in states across the south, with KKK fliers having appeared in neighborhoods in suburbs in both the Deep South and the Northeast.

Therefore, Radcliffe is tackling a heroic role in Imperium to represent a man who battled such hate.

The role in Imperium is reminiscent of the 1998 film, American History X. In that movie, Ed Norton played neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard; a man who killed two black men and had a change of heart from hate to rescuer as he tried to save his younger brother from following down the wrong path.

Whether the FBI agent in Imperium is successful in his role as a master manipulator — even in the face of being suspected as a mole — remains to be seen.

According to the Daily Mail, the dialogue in Imperium shows the hate group recruiting Radcliffe’s character.

“You see the type of organization we have here? We can always use a man like you Nathan. Educated. War veteran. Clean record. This is revolutionary activity we’re talking about here.”

Collette’s Angela Zamparo, the FBI case agent who tries to stop white supremacist terrorism, encourages Nate to infiltrate the group despite his fears, even while he doubts his own aptitude.

“I need an informant. Get in there and make a difference.”

“I don’t have the skills for this. I cant even defend myself!”

“You DO have the skills! Try relating to these guys as human beings.”

In the top photo above, a corpse from the Swiss Army Man movie resembles Radcliffe. Swiss Army Man premiered on Tuesday, June 21, in New York. However, Imperium is stealing all the thunder lately with the movie’s first trailer launching on YouTube.

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]