Forget Katy Perry, A Collaboration To Get Excited About: John Mayer And Frank Ocean On SNL

Some rather delicious news from Twitter. The fact that Frank Ocean will be kicking off the 38th season of Saturday Night Live this weekend isn’t fresh news. But this is. At some point on the show Ocean will share the stage with bad-boy-at-large — John Mayer.

The internet has been a-buzz ever since Ocean tweeted the news this morning, posting this brief message:

“SNL this weekend. Me and the bro John Mayer.”

Just coming off a fantastically well received performance of “Thinking About You” at last Thursday’s MTV’s Video Music Awards, Ocean’s critically acclaimed Channel Orange album has been tearing up the airwaves since July. Currently at number 11 in Billboard’s R & B/ Hip Hop album chart, it’s sold over 281, 000 copies in the US alone.

Ocean, who ‘came out’ on July 4 this year, was dragged into the headlines recently after Stevie Wonder made some misconstrued comments about gay people and Ocean — comments it should be noted Wonder later fully apologized for.

Mayer, a Grammy award winning singer and musician, recently released a new single “Queen of California” — a cut from his latest album Born and Raised — but has been benched from singing live while he recuperates from a 2011 operation to correct a throat granuloma.

More often in the headlines because of messy entanglements with the likes of Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift and lately Katy Perry, Mayer is still a consummate artist and fascinating guest when interviewed, largely because of his tendency to say exactly what he’s thinking.

35-year-old Mayer collaborated with Ocean on Channel Orange on a track called “White,” but it’s not yet known what the duo will be performing on the show. But the prospect of these two coming together on SNL’s season opener is exciting.

And frankly, I’m allin.