Recaps Of ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Range From Scandalous To Hilarious

Some of the reactions to the end of the Southern Charm reunion were what fans have come to expect, including the serious comments about drug use, custody battles, and out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Southern Charm fans and bloggers have gotten really creative with their own level of charm and wit, and they have taken the over the top drama and posted their own funny recaps of what went down on Southern Charm. From comical memes to hilarious twists on what went down, this season of Southern Charm has ended on a truly funny level, with its own twist of truly southern charm.

According to the Inquisitr, with Season 3 of Southern Charm wrapped up, everything seems to be on better footing, but that is likely because all of the cast members are looking forward to getting renewed for another season of Southern Charm. Although they have all complained about the burden of shooting the show, they are all reportedly pushing for a new season with a bigger paycheck.

Of course, Thomas Ravenel claims the show has ruined his life and that he is finished with it. Perhaps it’s the lure of easy money that is convincing him that maybe four is the lucky number for Ravenel, and he will indeed return to the cast of Southern Charm.

The Island Packet crushed it in the game of Southern Charm humorous recaps and spoofs, calling Landon an “evil princess” and supposing what her journal entries about Thomas Ravenel would look like.

“‘I slept with Thomas Ravenel when we were in London … obvi’ in puffy letters alongside a small freehand sketch of an engagement ring on an unpainted and chewed-down fingernail and some loose, loopy versions of Mrs. Landon Ravenel.”

Then they imagined there was a section called “Online ‘Magazine Ideas,” and underneath there was absolutely nothing. And 76 percent of Bravo viewers believe she did sleep with Thomas Ravenel at least once, and so indeed, her pants are on fire. But seriously, Liz Farrell of the Island Packet said she was able to figure out the truth because of the non-verbal clues she picked up after watching the show Lie to Me.

But other members of the Southern Charm cast got the roasting treatment too, including Kathryn Dennis, who was surprisingly absent from Twitter and Facebook last night after taking some serious jabs at the other Charmers earlier this week. Kathryn spoke of her new project, antique jewelry making, which was referred to as a “heinous replica of Mattel’s failed Bordello Barbie accessories line.”

And even Craig got the treatment, as it seems he missed the vocabulary elective in both undergrad and law school (maybe they covered that in his skipped thesis class?), as even Shep missed the low-hanging fruit that is Craig’s malapropisms, which included the made-up word “recantment.” Craig used this one twice, perhaps trying to redeem himself for not knowing what sanctimonious meant.

Tamara Tattles can always be counted on for some Southern Charm extreme tongue-in-cheek action, calling out those things that we all noticed but couldn’t quite put our fingers on. Like the prior talk about drug testing, where Thomas Ravenel explained that he only had to test his head hair because his hair was not colored. However, the Ravenel bubble was burst once again when it turned out that prior to drug testing, and perhaps at the advice of his attorney, Thomas Ravenel shaved all of his body hair, making it impossible to test anything but the hair on his head.

But then Andy got in a barb at Whitney, as he forced him to admit that he doesn’t really live in Charleston but in West Hollywood, where he has asked his “girlfriend” Larissa to move in with him, but as of yet, she has not returned his calls. TT calls this “Whitney taking a break from his beard.”

But during a break, Kathryn thanked Whitney for being decent, and he leaned in to give her a hug. TT found herself in some level of faux shock.

“During the break, Kathryn thanked Whitney for being decent to her. He got up and gave her a hug. I need to look out the window to see if pigs are flying by. Hold on. Nope, don’t see Cameran and Landon out there at all.”

But the true gold was found on Twitter, with the fans, who took their love of Southern Charm to a new level with snarky creativity.

“Why is Landon pretending she’s never known an unwed mother before? It’s the south, not Mars.

“Maybe Landon & Whitney should hook up!!! She needs money, he got it & a mother who dress her up! Butler will Babysit too. LOL

“WHAT is Whitney’s storyline?! His Norman Bates relationship with his mom? Is he the first reality tv robot? Anyone?

“Kathryn turns to her attorney Craig for terminology

For more Southern Charm humor, a fan could read tweets all day with the #southerncharm hashtag.

What was your favorite part of the Southern Charm reunion?

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