Lisa Vanderpump Leaving ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Rumor: Source Hints Maybe Not

In the last few days, several rumors have begun that Lisa Vanderpump is leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7. Will she return to the show?

A source tells Us Weekly that it is not a for sure thing whether she will exit or stay on.

“Ken convinced her to do this season,” the insider says. “She needed some arm pulling.”

Bravo has offered Lisa a seven-figure salary to sign her 2016-2017 contract for the RHOBH series, but she has not penned it yet.

A source tells E! Online that Bravo has been urging Lisa for a few months to remain on the show.

“She felt so drained from all the negativity from last season that she’s been reluctant to sign on for another,” says the source. “Production has been worried if she doesn’t return that the show might not do as well. They have been in constant communication with her for months now asking her to stay on for another season.”

To hear the source discuss Vanderpump’s fate on Real Housewives with EOnline, it sounds like the same insider who spoke with Us Weekly’s when saying Lisa will “most likely will sign due to some arm pulling from Ken and her friends.”

TMZ reported that Lisa Vanderpump met with Bravo producers at one of her restaurants, PUMP, last week to discuss contract matters. Word is her energies are spent filming Vanderpump Rules, managing her three restaurants, and working to end the terrible dog meat market in China. When she is not inundated on those projects, she is on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills embroiled in near-constant feuds with fellow cast members. In Season 6, she was squabbling with Yolanda Foster, Lisa Rinna, and Eileen Davidson.

Yolanda announced her plan to leave the show in June. She is leaving the franchise to focus on her health and children.

Bravo has not commented on the status of Lisa Vanderpump’s return for Season 7 of RHOBH thus far.

A few years ago tongues were wagging that Lisa was not returning after feuding with Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards. She felt as though she was pitted against everyone at the time when it was suspected she ran to a tabloid spreading rumors that Kyle’s marriage to Mauricio Umansky was in trouble.

Vanderpump Rules just renewed for a fifth season and is doing well. Lisa has a strong brand and her very own show, so she really does not need Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the money, or to further her brand. It is almost like there is no real good reason for her to remain on the show other than to be a part of the program’s brand. Her storylines have been about quarreling with other cast members, which Lisa does not enjoy. In Season 6, she was accused of manipulating the other women and she was feuding with Lisa Rinna over rumors about Hadid supposedly not having Lyme Disease, but Munchausen’s, a mental illness where people pretend to be to get attention.

Lisa was also in conflict with Eileen Davidson when she began questioning her marriage.

Some scenes for Season 7 of RHOBH has already begun filming, but no group scenes have been shot. It is still very early in the game before the show gets heavy into production.

Do not be surprised if any day it is reveal Lisa Vanderpump signed the contract for Season 7 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Some reality stars make producers worry they will not return to the show for a variety of reasons, like ensuring their conditions will be met.

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