Landon Clements Accused Of Creating A Storyline Out Of Kathryn: Is She Leaving The Show?

Landon Clements has been on Southern Charm for two seasons now, and she joined the show as a friend of the cast who had just gotten divorced. She had moved back to Charleston after living in Los Angeles for several years being married to a man who was rarely home. Landon has revealed that she felt lonely in her marriage, and she just needed to get out and do something else. These days, Clements is working on getting her website up and running, something that she shared with fans on Southern Charm. But her co-star, Kathryn Dennis, believes that Landon just using her to create a storyline.

According to a new tweet, Landon Clements is now being accused of not having something interesting to talk about on the show, and she is now being slammed for making Dennis her center focus throughout Season 3.

“Landon did not have a storyline so, quite obviously she made me the center focus, her only story line and last lifeline. Hashtag f**k off,” Dennis wrote on Twitter over the weekend as the second part of the reunion special was to air last night.

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Even though Kathryn seems to think that Landon Clements is using her for a storyline, Landon does have some fans who support her fully in what she’s doing. During this season of Southern Charm, Landon decided to launch her own website, which specialized in things to do around Charleston. She wanted to add other cities later on, but she wanted to focus on her website first and launch it with local content. Plus, Clements opened up about her feelings for her friend, Shep Rose, which didn’t exactly end as she had hoped for. But her fans are there for her, and they don’t necessarily believe everything Dennis is dishing out.

“She is my favorite! Always classy and composed. If she’s a dolphin I wanna be one too,” one fan wrote to Landon Clements on Twitter, who replied with the simple quote, “If she’s a dolphin I wanna be one too.”

Even though Clements may not be one of the main stars of the show, she does celebrate the show’s success. She decided to share that the ratings for this season were definitely something worth celebrating.

“Bravo’s #SouthernCharm Socialites Sizzled all Summer Long w/ Season Three being the highest-rated season ever averaging 1.7M ttl viewers,” Bravo wrote on Twitter after the third season wrapped, to which Landon Clements wrote, “Something to celebrate. Thank you all for watching our crazy show. #Charleston.”

Even though Clements is celebrating the end of the season, it may be possible that she isn’t coming back for a third season. At the end of the reunion, Landon didn’t grab a cocktail and cheer with her co-stars for another season, and she certainly didn’t accept the final toast to move on from the drama on the show. Plus, she did tell Andy Cohen that she was done, and she had no interest in continuing.

Baby blue eyes #mommylife ????????????

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“I’m done. There’s nothing else to say,” Landon Clements told Andy Cohen after he called her irritating, according to Island Packet.

So, what would happen if Landon Clements decided to turn down a contract for the upcoming season? Well, Kathryn Dennis may be quite happy as she doesn’t have to deal with Landon anymore. Shep doesn’t have to think about how she feels when he goes on another date with another woman as they wouldn’t be filming together anymore. Even though she has added some personality and charm to the cast of Southern Charm, the show would be able to carry on just fine without her.

Do you think Landon Clements used Kathryn to get a storyline this season? Would you want to see her return next year?

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