‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Has Met Someone New: Asks Fans For Dating Advice

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has been keeping a low profile ever since the Teen Mom reunion special aired last week. During the special, Lowry told Dr. Drew that she didn’t want to be married to Javi Marroquin anymore. She didn’t feel like she was getting the love and support she had hoped for. Kailyn explained that she had supported him in his career ambitions and even waited for him while he was serving overseas. But when it came to Lowry’s career ambitions, Javi didn’t really want her working. He would prefer her to be a stay-at-home mother and have another child.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she may be looking at a new potential partner who could give her that love and support she’s been looking for. Over the long weekend, Lowry spent some time with her friends, and it sounds like she may have been wondering whether this would be the right time to meet someone new.

“Do you think it’s possible to meet a right person at the wrong time in your life?” Kailyn Lowry asked on Twitter, hinting that she had met someone new but didn’t know how to handle the situation given she is currently working on a divorce from Javi Marroquin.


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Surprisingly, many people wrote words of support to Lowry, and several people shared their stories of finding love at the wrong time. Many people had fallen in love with their partner when it was the worst possible time. Maybe they were divorced or maybe they were married.

“Yep! I met Brad at a time when we both were going through things and were immature. 7 years later, we are married,” one person wrote to Lowry, who replied with, “I didn’t know that.”

And that person brought up an interesting fact, writing to Lowry, “I think if you really love someone, you can fiercely hate them too.”

Sadly, not everyone thought that Kailyn Lowry should move on with her life, as one person believed that she was just thirsty for attention.

“Damn…you’re thirsty for attention #Trick,” one person wrote.

Just a few weeks ago, Lowry made headlines because she was hanging out with her lesbian friend, Becky Hayter. Maybe expected that Lowry and Becky were dating, since they were hanging out at Pride together and even sharing a kiss. But Kailyn has recently revealed that they are indeed just friends and that Becky isn’t the person who she may be thinking about dating.


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“Becky and I are just friends. That’s it,” Kailyn Lowry told Real Mr. Housewife in an interview, setting the record straight

“We are not in a romantic relationship at all,” Lowry revealed, adding, “Again. Becky is just a friend of mine. There’s nothing more to it.”

Of course, many people are wondering whether Lowry is planning on reconciling with Javi once he returns. He hasn’t provided a date yet when he comes home, but he keeps writing “soon” on his social media accounts. This weekend, Lowry posted several pictures of her having fun in the sun with friends, and for the first time, fans could really see her results of her plastic surgery. This caused quite the chatter on social media and Lowry did have some people coming to her defense.

“To be honest. Why does it matter if her behind is fake or not. If she got work done then oh well it matter if her behind is fake or not. If she got work done then oh well. Why are people so concerned about what her butt looks like and if it’s real so be it there shouldn’t be this much conversation about if it’s real or fake. If she got work done to it then at least she feels good about herself now and if she didn’t then it is what it is. There needs to be more positivity and then there is negativity,” one person wrote about Kailyn Lowry in reply to several people, who criticized Lowry’s new butt after her plastic surgery.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweet about possibly meeting someone else?

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