Two Planes Collide And Get Stuck Together In Holland [Video]

Two planes in Holland came together on Saturday in mid-air. Footage of the miraculous collision came to light because of a filmmaker who was seated next to a window on the stricken vessel. Fortunately no one was injured on the aircraft and the planes were able to make emergency landings.

The cameraman Eric Donk captured the moments before a single-engine plane rose towards the aircraft he was a passenger on as well as the two planes actually coming together in the air too.

One of the light aircrafts, which was pulling an advert for the Christian Democrats drifted up towards the Cessna plane which had on-board various members of the Socialist Party.

Because of this both planes began to plummet towards the ground but each of their pilots managed to compose themselves. One plane landed on a beach with a damaged wing whilst the other returned to the nearby Rotterdam airport.

The alert filmmaker described it as a ‘tense and frightening’ ordeal and also elaborated to the Dutch news channel RTL about the incident, stating:

“We were some 150 metres above the ground. I could have touched the other plane if I had wanted to.”

Dutch aviation officials are now investigating the accident and you can view the entire scene unravel on a video below. The next day, a father and son were rescued off the coast of California too when their single-engine Cessna plane stalled and crashed into the ocean.

And of course, it has also come to the light on the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy.