Teresa Giudice Says Prison Sentence Hasn’t Changed Much At Home

Teresa Giudice has been the sole provider for her four daughters since March, where her husband, Joe Giudice, turned himself in so he could serve his three years behind bars. The couple was sentenced back in 2014 and Teresa served one year behind bars. Now, she’s back in New Jersey, and she’s ready to start working again. While in prison, Giudice set herself a goal of making millions of dollars each year while her husband is away. And now, Teresa reveals that things haven’t really changed in the New Jersey home since he left.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice is now revealing that she talks to her husband every single day, even though they aren’t able to see one another every day.

“We email every day. We talk every day and I see him every week,” Teresa revealed in an interview with Good Morning America, according to Bravo, adding that her daughters do miss their father every day.

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“You know, [they] miss their dad, of course, tremendously, just like I do. But you know they’re doing as well as could be expected. They’re amazing. They’re really strong young girls,” Teresa Giudice explains of her daughters, adding that she’s going to wait for Joe to come back home, adding during the interview, “No, I think our future is not uncertain. He’s gonna be home. We’re gonna be together. Our family’s gonna be reunited again, and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

During the interview, Teresa also opened up about what life is like in New Jersey after she’s made peace with her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga. Teresa and Melissa didn’t exactly get along after filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey together, but these days, Melissa is a big support system for Teresa. And the two feel that New Jersey is just like it used to be before the prison sentences.

“I feel like it’s like how it used to be,” Teresa said when it comes to their current dynamic, with Melissa Gorga adding, “We have like a funny banter together and we have fun together. I just think that she’s calmer, just a little bit calmer.”

But just because things haven’t really changed in New Jersey between the ladies doesn’t mean Teresa herself hasn’t grown at all. In fact, she believes that she has grown, and she has learned from all of her experiences.

“You do grow, and you learn from your experiences, and that’s obviously what happened to me,” Teresa Giudice said during the interview with Good Morning America, according to Bravo.

In an effort to promote the upcoming premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and Melissa also both sat down with ET Online to talk about their friendship with former housewife Jacqueline Laurita, who is back for another season.

“I think that you and Jacqueline go at it a couple times, and then Jacqueline and I go at it,” Teresa said about her feud with Jacqueline Laurita to ET Online, revealing that the new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will have some drama.

“I watched the first episode and I cried,” Gorga told Giudice during the interview, adding, “Did you cry when you watched it?”

“Yeah, it was really hard for me to watch,” Giudice answered.

There are reports that hint Jacqueline will cause trouble on this upcoming season of the show, including trying to steal some of Giudice’s friends while she was in prison. Plus, Laurita actually calls Teresa a felon on the show, hinting that she may not be trustworthy and that she’s lower than everyone else on the show.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s comments about her new home life in New Jersey?

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