'American Horror Story' Season 6 Gets Premiere Date On FX

Nick Younker

American Horror Story Season 6 just clocked its latest news with an official premiere date on cable network FX, along with some other shows. There is a shroud of mystery looming over Season 6 of American Horror Story, with its cryptic new logo that has been released.

What fans of American Horror Story really need to pay attention to is the fact that American Horror Story is heading into its sixth season on FX, and for the producers, that seems to have some sort of symbolic meaning to them. But there have been many different reports as to what is actually going to take place in season 6.

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But that is not the only good news that could be coming out of Season 6 for American Horror Story. Since the special logo has been released for next season on the popular horror anthology show, there is good reason to believe that the season could in some way be about the Anti-Christ, which has symbolic meaning with the number 6.

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Reports to date have shown that American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has said that Season 6 will have some sort of element of children in the series. At least, that was what he was referring to when he speaking about the theme for the season. That could also coincide with the Anti-Christ theory that the new logo has clearly shown.

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Fans of American Horror Story had thought early on that Season 6 would be all about the internet horror sensation, Slender Man. But that theory for the Season 6 theme of American Horror Story was quickly debunked by producers and industry professionals close to the show.

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So the media reports for Season 6 of American Horror Story keep pouring in from producers and stars, but there are still no confirmations as of yet in regard to what the Season 6 theme will be about.

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