Immigration Policy May Become Barack Obama’s Epic Failure As President

As the gun control debate heats up in America, immigration and crime are also hot buttons too. President Barack Obama has committed to keeping illegal immigrants in America and even ending deportations of criminals out of respect for the countries these criminals belong to.

Although Obama says that his measures are to keep families together, his immigration policy is a mistake that has caused a drain on the United States’ financial resources, as well as causing increasingly more crime. Because the Democrats refuse to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants, the policies of the left are contributing to the problems related to immigration.

The Wheeling News-Register reported that although President Obama and his successor Hillary Clinton would have voters believe that illegal immigration isn’t much of a problem, the Department of Homeland Security keeps track of those who enter the country, and their statistics tell a different story.

The number of illegal immigrant families that have come to the United States in the current fiscal year, which is only two-thirds of the way over, exceeds the number of illegal families that came to the U. S. in 2015. When asked why more illegal immigrants are coming to the U. S., a government lawyer told a federal judge that it was because of the lax immigration policies of President Obama.

U. S. Customs and Border Protection and other law enforcement agencies have already caught 45,000 families. In 2015, it was fewer than 40,000. The estimated number of illegals in the country is about 11 to 12 million although the reality is that no one really knows.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy is incompatible with her policy on supporting working families. In fact, her policies would actually hurt working families by flooding the American job market with low-skilled workers that would compete with low-skilled American workers for jobs. The U. S. Supreme Court was also set to rule on issues related to immigration, and their rulings resulted in a deadlock because of the death of Justice Scalia.

PBS reported that immigration stands as President Obama’s most glaring failure while in office. Although he has had two campaigns full of promises and multiple strategies, he has only imposed temporary and incremental modifications. There has been a conflict in his policies of bringing illegals out of the shadows while at the same time trying to remove them from the U. S.

Obama said that Americans shouldn’t fear immigrants.

“Immigration is not something to fear. We don’t have to wall ourselves off from those who may not look like us right now or pray like we do, or have a different last name.”

The problem with Obama’s immigration policy is simple. He sees all immigration as acceptable. There is a difference between illegal and legal immigration, and immigration policy needs to reflect the difference.

Legal immigrants have been vetted before they come to the U. S. They have been cleared to make sure that they don’t have any diseases. They have to go through the appropriate process to certify that they are not criminals. Although the vetting process failed with the Boston bombers because it brought terrorism to America’s shores, the process of ensuring that those who don’t belong here will at least keep most of those people out.

Contrast this with illegal immigration where there is no vetting process. Outbreaks of tuberculosis, a disease that was largely eradicated in the U. S. have made a comeback. Other diseases that have made a comeback as the result of current immigration policy include whooping cough, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, and bubonic plague.

Then there is the economic burden placed on taxpayers to provide welfare, healthcare, and other services to illegals. Not only do illegal immigrants receive all these services, but according to Heritage, there are other costs of illegal immigration that have to be paid including deportation and court costs. This puts an unnecessary and unneeded burden on our courts as well as law enforcement, and it doesn’t factor into the refugee crisis that America faces.

I personally have nothing against immigrants as long as they are legal. America doesn’t owe the citizens of other countries jobs, welfare benefits or anything else. For those who want to come here, let them come legally or not at all.

[Photo via Joe Raedle/Getty Images]