Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Business Receives Poor Reviews From Consumers, Fails To Impress

Jenner's sell out brand not getting good reviews

Kylie Jenner has shot to ultimate stardom over the past couple of years, blossoming from the virtually unknown younger sister to the Kardashian crew to now outshining them on all social media platforms and in the world of business entrepreneurship.

Jenner has experienced success with her app which proved to be more popular than her older sister, Kim Kardashian’s app. She also launched a beauty brand known as Kylie Lip Kit, which experienced high sales immediately and was constantly sold out. The teen is now the face of the latest Puma ad campaign, which means she’s even stepping into the modeling ring owned by her sister, Kendall.

Kim K’s husband, Kanye, was definitely not entirely pleased by Kylie signing on with an activewear line which is in direct competition with his line, which is sponsored by Adidas. The star has also been in an on-and-off relationship with rapper Tyga, seemingly attempting to be the new Kim and Kanye. The two are reportedly back on again, as US Weekly reports.

Where Kylie goes right is that she makes no apologies for her drive, and luckily, the Kardashian-Jenner clan sticks together no matter how roughly their feathers get ruffled by one another. However, although Kylie experienced success with her Lip Kit brand, reviews are in, and they aren’t what fans might expect.

The Daily Mail relays the surprisingly low score based on what consumers have shared about Kylie’s Lip Kit products.

“[D]espite the make-up regularly selling out, it appears many customers getting their hands on the cosmetic must-have aren’t impressed. The reality TV star’s Kylie Cosmetics company have received a one out of five star rating from America’s Better Business Bureau.”

It’s reported that the Better Business Bureau has received 137 complaints since the launch of the lip brand by Kylie, only nine months ago. The main topic of complaint has to do with delivery problems and with the product itself. The kits, which start at $29, reportedly have been a disappointment for the amount they cost. The publication shares complaints forwarded by a number of consumers who have ordered the product.

“One customer wrote: ‘Received My Lip Kit in the mail today and the lip pencil was missing. Contacted customers service. Waiting for response.’ Another added: ‘Unfortunately, I bought three lip kits which are over priced. It’s upsetting as a customer that I spent $95.95 on a product that has the same ingredients as a Colourpop Lippie. I emailed the customer service department voicing my concern over the product 2 weeks ago and have yet to receive a response.'”

The teen reality star launched Kylie Lip Kit back in November of last year, and the launch has proven successful, yet frustrating for a large number of fans who seem to never be able to get their hands on the product as it was always sold out. Since the Lip Kit was always sold out, this would lead fans to assume that the product is a worthwhile buy. When Jenner realized her fans were frustrated by not being able to order her product, she took to social media stating that she would ensure that the products would always be in stock from this point on.

The Mail shares the star’s words.

“‘I’m really excited to say I’m having another restock tomorrow but it’s not just any restock. We’ve been working really really hard these past few months to make as many lip kits as we possibly can because if you know me, you know that I hate that they’re always sold out.”

Kylie wrote those words early last month, clearly before the reviews were revealed about the disappointment consumers have with her product. It the shortage was deliberate, it was a clever strategy by the Jenner team to make the product seem exceptional by only having a limited amount available, so a sell out was inevitable. Perhaps the lip kits won’t sell quite as fast this time around.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]