‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Claudette Pops Up, Mayes’ Death Sends Shockwaves, And Spencer’s Calls Raise Concerns

'General Hospital' star Bree Williamson

What can everybody expect from Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that Claudette is hitting Port Charles and will soon be shaking things up for Maxie and Nathan, and Finn is struggling to survive as his health deteriorates behind bars. What else is coming up during the July 5 show?

As We Love Soaps shares, Claudette arrives in Port Charles during Tuesday’s episode. Claudette will be played by One Life to Live star Bree Williamson, and she interviews with Maxie for a job at Crimson. However, she doesn’t explain who she is during her interview. Rather, GH spoilers tease that she says her name is C.J. and it seems that Maxie takes quite the liking to her.

Viewers have been anxious for some time now to see Maxie and Claudette cross paths. Unfortunately, the timing is such that Claudette’s first scenes will be with a temporary Maxie replacement, as Kirsten Storms has needed to take a short break, and former Days of Our Lives star Molly Burnett will be taking over the role for a brief period of time beginning with this next episode.

Finn is sitting behind bars at the moment, but he has managed to convince Rachel to try to help him get the medications that help with his medical condition. GH spoilers indicate that Rachel and Tracy will end up working together in a sense and getting along, seemingly for the sake of helping Finn.

Sam and Jason are still trying to track down Nikolas and Ava, and General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps share that Jason and Sam will be together and bouncing around ideas about where to find the two. As the week continues, the four will seemingly be together but trapped, and viewers will be curious to see where things head next on this front.

Spencer has been making a lot of phone calls since Nikolas’ disappearance, making it seem that his father told him about his plan to disappear ahead of time. GH spoilers detail that Laura will hear just enough of one of Spencer’s calls to become rather suspicious, and on Friday’s show, Laura and Kevin will come to some realizations about Spencer’s mysterious calls.

Kiki and Morgan are giving their relationship another go, much to Dillon’s dismay, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Morgan and Kiki will share some cozy moments during this next episode. Will they be able to make things work this time? Finn gets what will seemingly be good news about his medication, and it looks like Nathan will quickly discover that Claudette is in town.

What about Dr. Mayes and the situation with the patient deaths? The last that viewers saw, Elizabeth found him unconscious, and it looks like he is dead. Franco appeared in the doorway in a rather ominous way, and GH spoilers tease that there will be more on this front during Tuesday’s show.

Nathan will be questioning many people in what has been deemed to be a homicide, and he asks Elizabeth to share everything she knows about what happened with Mayes. She will mention that Franco showed up, and Obrecht will be in the mix of things ranting and raving. Who is the one who killed Mayes, tried to kill Lucas, and killed the other patients?

Many thought that the killer must be Mayes, but his sudden death obviously shakes up those theories. If Mayes was perhaps responsible for the other incidents, someone else has clearly stepped in now. Franco will become a suspect, it appears, and there is buzz that Griffin will be questioned as well.

Obrecht has consistently pointed the finger at Finn, but he is clearly off the hook in this case since he is behind bars. Some fans wonder if Obrecht is involved, but previous incidents showed someone who seemed to be a tall, slim male figure, so that would rule her out. Elizabeth is said to voice support for Franco, not believing that he could be the person responsible, but could he at least be behind Mayes’ death, if not the others?

How wild will things get with Claudette in Port Charles? Who has been responsible for the deaths and attacks over these past few months? What comes next for Ava, Nikolas, Sam, and Jason? There are plenty of twists and turns on the way, and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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