From George And Amal Clooney, Brad And Angelina, To Jennifer Aniston And Justin, Rumors Keep Churning — But What’s The Truth?

Chances are, if you’re an A-list celebrity couple, you will constantly be in tabloid headlines for the supposed rocky patch you may be going through or that pregnancy you haven’t let anyone know about yet. Luckily, most of us don’t have that problem and are not constantly hounded by paparazzi and critiqued about belly size, which must be due to a mystery pregnancy and not simply because we actually ate a big meal.

Tabloids seem to gravitate to a few power-hitting couples in Hollywood to bank on by drumming up stories about supposed troubles in marriages or rumored affairs. It seems that at the moment, the top couples who have the joy of combating these sorts of tales include George and Amal Clooney, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

What makes these couples so attractive to these usually unreliable media outlets? Are things just seem too good to be true in the lives of these successful and happy couples? For instance, Amal Clooney is a tirelessly hard worker who works on some pretty impressive cases as a human rights barrister. George involves himself in numerous charities and causes surrounding war-torn nations and assisting refugees. Both Amal and George have made their love for one another known on numerous occasions, yet the gossip sites are still insisting that the couple is heading for divorce.

Movie News Guide relays the latest untrue claims about the solid couple.

“[It’s been] reported that the Clooneys’ marriage troubles began because both husband and wife are too busy to work to make time for each other. However, the incident that triggered their separation and made Alamuddin decide that enough is enough happened recently, on a trip to Maldives.”

When it comes to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the parents of six and top Hollywood stars are constantly surrounded by tales of infidelity and difference of opinion over parenting, as well as where to call home. Most recently, Brad Pitt was made the reason for a rumored upcoming divorce due to an alleged affair he had with co-star Marion Cotillard. The fact that Pitt actually was unfaithful to his former wife, Jennifer Aniston, with Angelina doesn’t really help his case, yet the rumor has been debunked by Gossip Cop. Once again, tabloids fuel this story simply because the couple is seemingly perfect and the need is to simply poke holes in a relationship to see if it will truly sink.

Gossip Cop relays the truth of the matter after connecting with reliable insiders about the couple’s marriage.

“Gossip Cop checked in with a very reliable source close to the couple, who exclusively assures us that the tabloid’s tale of breakup and infidelity is ‘all lies.’ We’re told there simply aren’t any problems in Pitt and Jolie’s marriage.”

And lastly, there’s forever-hounded Jennifer Aniston, who, if tabloids are gathered from the past 10 years, has apparently been pregnant for a decade. It’s clear that Jen is a woman that everyone adores and admires, which means she is a sitting duck for the tabloids to unravel. The constant attempts to present her relationship with now-hubby Justin Theroux as being on the rocks, yet remarking on a little bit of a belly on the super fit star, thereby concluding she must be pregnant, must get extremely tiresome for the beauty.

While Aniston and Justin enjoyed a beach vacation recently, she was spotted in a bikini following a large meal and appeared to look a little bigger in her tummy area. Clearly, the pregnancy rumors swirled and spread like wildfire. It’s no wonder that following her arrival back to the United States, Aniston opted to hide her center region under sweaters and baggier attire.

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