‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: The Next Rose Ceremony Is Going To Be ‘Huge’ For JoJo Fletcher And The Guys

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Last night, there was no new episode of The Bachelorette since it was the Fourth of July, and it caused the remaining schedule for this season to be altered. There are still five episodes remaining, but this next one is going to really say a lot for how the rest of the season unfolds. Even though many men have already been sent home, JoJo Fletcher is about to take part in the most important rose ceremony elimination of her life.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of The Bachelorette starring JoJo Fletcher. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

In Episode 6, Derek Peth and Wells Adams were sent home, but when it came time for the rose ceremony elimination, things got a little weird. With only one rose remaining, Alex and Chase stand there wondering who will be going home, but that’s when JoJo threw a curve ball.

She pulled Chris Harrison aside, had a short chat with him, and then returned with two roses so that no one else would be eliminated, as recapped by the International Business Times.

That left six guys still chasing JoJo this season even though it should have been down to five by the end of that episode. Not only did a holiday throw a wrench into ABC’s plans for The Bachelorette, but JoJo was doing it as well.

Now, Episode 7 is coming up soon, and JoJo needs to get her number of remaining guys down to a mere four so that she can go on the hometown dates in Episode 8. While she couldn’t send home one guy last week, she’s going to have to send home at least two next week.

Yes, it is almost time for one of the most important rose ceremony eliminations of JoJo’s life, and she has to make a decision. There’s not going to be another cop-out response and the opportunity to give two guys the “final” rose next week.

Oddly enough, when Episode 8 airs, Reality Steve reveals that the two guys who were saved by JoJo are the ones who end up going home. Even though she couldn’t decide who to send home between Alex Woytkiw and James Taylor, she will now send both of them packing.

the bachelorette 2016 spoilers jojo fletcher season rose ceremony jordan rodgers luke pell robby hayes alex woytkiw james taylor

That whole ordeal with the private conversation with Chris Harrison and keeping both guys around was only to prolong the inevitable.

Now, it’s come to a point where that rose ceremony elimination is going to be very important, but that’s simply to lead up to the hometown dates. Jordan Rodgers, Chase McNary, Luke Pell, and Robby Hayes will be able to enjoy a more intimate time with JoJo, and she will get to know them even better.

While the truly important times are coming in this season of The Bachelorette, there is no doubt that this upcoming rose ceremony is the start of it.

The Bachelorette may have taken the Fourth of July off, but that hasn’t made JoJo Fletcher’s decision any easier. Her upcoming choice in the rose ceremony elimination is going to be extremely important as it will bring forth her final four men. She will go on hometown dates with Jordan Rodgers, Robby Hayes, Chase McNary, and Luke Pell — that is 100 percent certain — but how much pressure was on her to get there?

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