Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why She ‘Hates’ Her Hubby: Talks Diet, Exercise, And Beauty

Justin and Jen cook as a couple

Jennifer Aniston is always full of useful tips to help women get healthy and keep themselves naturally beautiful. The star has been an icon to women since she came on the scene back in 1994 as Rachel Green on the hit sitcom, Friends. Aniston had millions of girls and women wanting the secret to her hair care and beauty regimens right from day one. Over two decades later, not much has changed. Aniston is one of the top female celebs fans seek advice from.

When interviewed by publications, the most popular topic seems to be her marriage to Justin Theroux, along with the pregnancy rumors that constantly fly around the star, as Gossip Cop notes, followed by her beauty secrets and fitness routines.

Her interview with the Telegraph recently covered all the bases, and one of the topics of conversation was the routine that Justin and Jen have gotten into in the kitchen. Prior to meeting Theroux, Aniston shied away from eating pasta seeing as she felt it was relatively unhealthy. However, she notes that she both loves and hates Justin for bringing pasta back into her diet.

“Justin and I both cook but he is a better cook than me. Pasta has been brought back into my life because of him so I don’t know whether I should thank him or hate him for that. He makes pasta carbonara which is irresistible. I learned how to make it and it is a really simple dish.”

The star seems to ensure that whatever negative results pasta brings, that it won’t have any long-lasting outcome on her fit physique as she manages to get in workouts several times weekly. Jen also notes that she switches up her form of exercise to keep herself motivated.

“I try to do something different every day. I do weight training three times a week and then I switch it up to do more cardio. I do this great spin class which is also yoga. It really gets you going and it’s good to keep your body always guessing and not getting too used to one particular exercise.”

Although Jennifer Aniston keeps busy and usually stars in multiple films within the course of a given year, while also attending a number of events and enjoying time with her husband on getaways, she says it’s the way she likes it. Aniston admits that she doesn’t get stressed from being busy, but that she still finds importance in daily meditation to bring balance to her life.

“I like being busy so I don’t find [being busy] to be a stress for me. I try very hard to meditate in the morning and in the afternoon. Even if for only 10 minutes instead of 20 – that’s always a way to get me centred and focused and ready for the day. Sometimes it’s just sitting quietly and not necessarily following any sort of a guideline.”

Part of Jen’s balanced day involves a routine at night that allows her to “wind down” and appreciate her home-life. Aniston also is always sure to follow a set skincare regimen that allows her to achieve that glowing skin and youthful complexion that the 47-year-old is known for.

“When I get home, I wind down and I get to see my dogs and my husband and have a meal together. Before bed, my skincare regime is pretty simple and has been consistent for years. I think I have always had a night-time routine – it’s actually kind of a way of winding down. “

Jen’s advice is so well-received that it has made her the face for Aveeno, Living Proof, and Smartwater. Aniston uses the products by each brand daily.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards]