‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Romance Is In The Air; Which Unlikely Pairings Will Heat Up The Summer?

General Hospital's Robert Palmer Watkins.

It is already turning out to be one hot summer on General Hospital, and it looks like the temperature is on the rise. Romance is always in the air on daytime TV with many couples hooking up. While some of them may seem very unlikely to be together, soap fans are starting to warm up to these couples very quickly.

Nikolas Cassadine is hiding out as everyone thinks that he is dead, except for Spencer. Now, someone else knows his secret. Ava Jerome has become Nik’s traveling companion and by the looks of it, these two may be one of those unlikely couples that are in for a hot summer romance.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Nik and Ava are heading to Cassadine Island this week where things are about to come to light on General Hospital. The storyline with Jake Webber, Laura Spencer, and Lulu Falconeri is about to unfold, and now, Ava has found herself right in the middle of it as well. Nik and Ava are becoming closer than ever while on their adventure together, so it may be only a matter of time before things heat up.

Of course, Nik is married to Hayden right now, but she thinks that he is dead, She is also embroiled in something else back in Port Charles anyway. Hayden is busy saving a doctor’s life.

General Hospital's Rebecca Budig.
Hayden has found herself somehow linked with Dr. Hamilton Finn at the moment. He is still sitting in jail right now after almost dying from his mysterious illness. Hayden has managed to save his life, and it is obvious that she has grown to care about him. Finn and Hayden definitely have some chemistry going, and General Hospital fans already love these two together.

One very unlikely couple may be hooking up soon. The writers at General Hospital seem to be testing the waters when it comes to Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth Webber. They have already shared a kiss, but Liz pulled away and told him that he needs to try working things out with Nina. Of course, that didn’t go so well, so now it looks like Franco and Nina are going their separate ways, which will open it up for Elizabeth to get to know Franco a little bit more.

Kiki Jerome seems to have made her decision regarding her relationship with Dillon Quartermaine. She told him that she is sticking with Morgan, and he needs to leave them alone to work things out. However, Dillon is not expected to give up quite so easily.

General Hospital fans have watched Dillon and Kiki’s romance bloom, but now that Morgan Corinthos is out of the clinic, Kiki put a stop to it. She is determined to try to make things work with Morgan and has pushed Dillon away. While her relationship with Morgan is complicated and stressful, Kiki’s chemistry with Dillon is fun, sexy, and easy to watch. Viewers are rooting for this new couple to get together eventually. Will Dillon fight for Kiki’s affections or will he move on to someone else?

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Two longtime characters of General Hospital, Laura Spencer and Kevin Collins, have already been getting close with their newfound friendship. Kevin has been right by her side trying to figure out what Helena Cassadine’s clue really means, not to mention that he has been a comfort while Nik is still missing. This pair is supposed to heat things up soon. According to summer spoilers by Soaps She Knows, their adventure will be bringing them to Cassadine Island where they will be closer to unlocking the clue, and that will bring them closer together.

With summer heating up nicely, there is bound to be a lot of romance on General Hospital. These couples may seem to be unlikely pairings, but their chemistry sure can’t be denied.

Which of these couples do you think has the most chemistry on screen?

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