1-Kilometer-Wide 'Mothership UFO' Cloaked Among Clouds Hovers Menacingly Over Cartagena, Colombia [Video]

The appearance of a massive object, allegedly a one-kilometer-wide flying saucer UFO over the city of Cartagena, Colombia, on the afternoon of June 30, 2016, sparked excitement in the city with thousands of stunned residents taking to social media to share images of the spectacular sight over the city.

Skeptics had declared the first images of the spectacular phenomenon uploaded online a Photoshop until a video of the strange phenomenon over Cartagena, captured by a resident identified as Cristian David Ramos Martínez, was uploaded to YouTube on July 3, 2016.

Several other witnesses later uploaded videos that appeared to confirm Martinez's.

The video is going viral online, having been viewed about 16,000 times. It shows a glowing saucer-shaped cloud-like object hovering menacingly in the sky over the Colombian city (see video below).

UFO hunters declared unanimously that the object was a giant "cloud-cloaked" mothership UFO. But skeptics insisted it was a natural atmospheric phenomenon, a rare lenticular cloud formation.

"Cloud-cloaking" is allegedly a method used by alien visitors to conceal their presence from human observers. The alleged method relies on the ability of the alien spacecraft to simulate the appearance of atmospheric clouds.

But a few conspiracy theorists suggested it was a freak weather phenomenon caused by the government's alleged secret HAARP tinkering with the weather.

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring agreed with fellow enthusiasts that the massive object was not a natural atmospheric phenomenon but an alien UFO spacecraft cloaked inside a "cloud shield."

He also explained to readers of his UFO Sightings Daily blog why aliens choose to cloak their UFOs in clouds.

"Here is a massive UFO that is cloaked inside this cloud shield," he wrote. "Why use a cloud shield to hide in? Honestly, how would your grandmother feel if a 1km UFO flew over your neighborhood -- a 911 emergency, right?"

He echoed comments by other UFO enthusiasts that the incident was uncannily similar to the portrayal of an alien invasion in the Independence Day movie.

"Man this came out just in time for ID4 [Independence Day] Part 2, which is in theaters right now," he said. "This UFO looks a lot like the one in the movie."

Followers of Waring's UFO Sightings Daily blog speculated about the nature of the alleged "cloud cloaked" UFO.

"That was a cloaked mother ship electro-magnetic vehicle," a believer declared authoritatively.

But a skeptic disagreed, saying that it was only a cloud with the sun shining behind it.

"Certainly it looks impressive -- but is it concealing a UFO?" a skeptic wondered. "It's just a cloud with the sun behind it which is causing the effect of internal illumination."

The alleged UFO sighting over Cartagena was followed closely by a remarkably similar sighting over Shanghai, China.

According to the Inquisitr, hundreds of shocked residents reported sighting a massive "flying saucer" with flashing multicolored lights that hovered over the city overnight on July 3, 2016. The sighting sparked excitement in conspiracy theory circles, with enthusiasts noting the similarity of the alleged flying saucer UFO to the one in the Independence Day movie.

The comparison triggered speculation that an alien invasion could be imminent.

But skeptics dismissed the speculation, saying that the object was more likely a cloud. Other skeptics suggested that it was an LED kite in the night sky.

There have been other nearly identical sightings of massive saucer-shaped objects in the sky in recent years. The sightings have fueled fanciful conspiracy theory speculation about an alien invasion.

Independence Day movie scenario
Alien hunters have compared recent sightings of massive cloud-like objects over major cities with the portrayal of an alien invasion in the Independence Day movie [Image via Shutterstock]The Inquisitr reported early in June that UFO hunters claimed to have spotted a 10-mile-wide flying saucer UFO sailing at a very high altitude over Earth. The alleged UFO was reportedly captured from space by cameras onboard NASA's International Space Station (ISS) on June 8, 2016.

"I noticed a white disk moving over the Earth at a higher than normal altitude," Waring wrote at the time. "This UFO does have a cloud-like appearance, yet is a perfect disk that is 7-10 miles in diameter."

Although skeptics argued that the object was only a large cloud formation, UFO hunters insisted that the "perfect" disc shape and the high "edge of space" altitude proved it was not an ordinary cloud but a "cloud-cloaked" alien UFO sailing over Earth.

Some conspiracy theorists even suggested it could be an alien science mission using advanced remote-sensing equipment to collect data about Earth conditions.

Earlier in February 2014, a flying saucer UFO-shaped cloud that formed over Las Vegas, New Mexico, sparked excitement among residents and a frenzy of conspiracy theory speculation that led to a snarky exchange with local meteorologists who denied claims that the object was an alien flying saucer, and said it was only a lenticular cloud formation.

KOB-TV chief meteorologist Jorge Torres identified the object casually as a "lenticular cloud or even a shelf cloud."
But a UFO conspiracy theorist shot back, saying, "It's obvious a spaceship from Roswell!"

Other UFO hunters, including Waring, agreed that the low-hanging cloud was a cloud-cloaked UFO manned by Tall White aliens who have allegedly worked with the U.S. government on clandestine black projects since the 1950s.

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