McDonalds Offers Up Black And White Burgers In China

McDonald’s is now offering a black and white burger to those individuals who visit their restaurants in China, according to the folks at Kotaku. When you swing by a participating location, you’ll have your choice of a hamburger on a black bun and/or a chicken patty on a white bun. Although the look of the company’s latest dish is more than a little peculiar, their reasoning for creating the menu items is even stranger.

The Beijinger reports that McDonald’s latest culinary offering is inspired by the Chinese phrase “heibai liangdao tongchi,” which is used to describe those individuals who are connected to both the government and the underworld. In other words, the burgers celebrate the ability to work seamlessly with both the good guys and the bad guys. It’s kind of odd that the restaurant chain is giving kudos to people who dip their toes in both sides of the stream.

The black burger, which represents organized crime, comes packaged with tasty onions and a black pepper sauce. The white people, meanwhile, is supposed to present the government, and comes equipped with a spicy sauce touched with a bit of sweetness. It’s also worth noting that the white bun comes with black sesame seeds and the black bun comes with white seeds.

Regarding the dish’s tastiness, Beijing Cream wasn’t overly impressed with the burgers. Here’s what they had to say about the company’s latest offering:

“The beef-based burger came with a loathsome attempt at black-pepper sauce, which is itself not something you ever really need to add to beef unless you’re trying to mask its taste or quality. Unsurprisingly, it’s slavered on with a kitchen shovel here. Result: two unpleasant tastes (the beef smelt of salt; think about that) in fierce competition with each other. As for the chicken condiment, it was like Fukuyama’s answer to the Indian chutney craze.”

North American McDonald’s fanatics probably shouldn’t hold their breath for the black and white burgers to make their way onto these shores anytime soon. However, you can’t blame the company for attempting to try something a little different.

Would you try McDonald’s black and white burgers?