'Southern Charm' Reunion Conclusion Spoilers, But Who Comes To Kathryn's Defense? Will There Be A Season 4?

Amy Feinstein

All charming things must come to an end, and that includes the third season of Southern Charm and the conclusion of the Southern Charm reunion drama. At this time, there is no information from Bravo about a new season, so fans will have to make do with the last glimpse of the reunion, and the drama that certain Southern Charm cast members make on social media between seasons. But tonight, Bravo and Southern Charm will be bringing in the reserves, including Jennifer Snowden to share her point of view about the less than charming behavior from much of the cast.

According to the Inquisitr, part one of the Southern Charm reunion was full of venom toward Kathryn Dennis from just about everyone, but she had a surprise for Landon, who didn't seem to know that the romantic getaway she took with Thomas Ravenel was actually meant for Kathryn Dennis. Then the topic came up that Kathryn and many others still believe that Landon and Thomas have been hooking up; at least on that Valentine's Day trip. A Bravo poll suggested that over 70% of viewers believe that Thomas and Landon have been hooking up.

But tonight the friends of the cast of Southern Charm will be dropping by, and Jennifer Snowden will be providing back-up for Kathryn. And finally, fans of Southern Charm will be able to get to the bottom of the who, what, where, when, and why of Jennifer's hook up with Thomas Ravenel. It seems that all is forgiven, and Kathryn and Jennifer are as close as ever.

"I think there's some things that, you know, are hair triggers for her. It doesn't mean it's right how she reacts, necessarily, but I think that there are things that you could refrain from doing."

But tonight, Kathryn will reveal that there are other reasons besides an alleged hook-up with Thomas that have caused Kathryn to despise Landon and suggest that her voice sounds dolphin-like.

"I think she wants everyone to think that's the only reason I dislike her."

But fans will also learn that Landon's denial and allegiance to Thomas run deep, even beyond their alleged Southern Charm hook-up, because she seems to sincerely believe that if Kathryn had supported Thomas Ravenel, he would have won his election. Thomas Ravenel did not even get a single digit of support, and it likely had more to do with his cocaine conviction and his time in prison as a disgraced state treasurer.

Cameran still seems to believe that Kathryn is paranoid, and this is all in her head, but the majority of fans of Southern Charm don't see it that way. Suggestions that Landon is desperate and "thirsty" seem to prevail.

"Landon is a hypocritical skank."

And about Landon's reported thin skin on Twitter, fans have started the hashtag, #blockedbylandon.

"Landon is busy blocking ALL OF YOU on Twitter. #blockedbylandon"

But will all of these questions really be answered tonight on Southern Charm, or will there be a need or want for a Southern Charm season four? Well, according to LALATE, the Southern Charm cast are uniformly making new salary demands, which sure sounds like a Southern Charm season four to fans.

The Southern Charm reunion got the highest ratings of any Southern Charm episode ever. But even though Southern Charm has been getting great ratings (and even the Kathryn haters have to admit that they wouldn't be so successful without her), they are still the lowest paid cast on Bravo's reality television schedule. For example, the total cast salaries of Real Housewives of Orange County is about $3 million, and all of the salaries in total for Southern Charm add up to about $800k.

In season's past, Thomas Ravenel has insisted that he has quit, only to show back up to work on the set of Southern Charm.

"Enjoy Southern Charm if you like me in it bc this will be my last season…. They pay peanuts and destroy your life in the process."

Southern Charm will be on Bravo tonight at the new time of 10 p.m. Will you be watching?

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