Rihanna & Drake’s Romance Back On, ‘He Treats Her Like A Queen’ [Report]

Rihanna and Drake appear to be back on and dating once again.

According to new reports, Rihanna and Drake are dating once again after friends of the pop superstar encouraged her to reunite with the rapper because he treats her “like a queen.”

A source recently claimed that things began to heat up for the twosome, who were first romantically linked way back in 2009, last year after Rihanna and Drake hit the studio together to collaborate on hits like Rihanna’s recent single, “Work.”

“That’s when Drake made up his mind to nail Rihanna down for good,” a source admitted to Hollywood Life of the couple’s alleged reconciliation, revealing that Rihanna was allegedly reluctant to get back together with the rapper when things began to get flirty between the former couple again.

“At first she resisted because he made it too easy,” the site’s insider said, but noted that the singer’s friends were on hand to give her a nudge back into Drake’s arms and to get back into the dating game. “They made the argument that Rihanna deserves to be treated like a queen, so why is it that she seems to prefer to be treated like less than? So that was it.”

Hollywood Life‘s insider also revealed that it’s the way Drake treats Rihanna that encouraged the superstar to give things another go with the “Hotline Bling” rapper.

“Drake has always lavished attention on Rihanna, even when they weren’t dating,” the insider admitted to the site of Drake and Rihanna’s close relationship. “He’s always sent her roses on her birthday and on the first night of her performances.”

Rihanna and Drake are yet to officially confirm their alleged reconciliation, though the latest reports alleging that the two are back together come amid claims from E! News that revealed that Drake never stopped loving Rihanna despite the two’s rocky on/off relationship.

Rihanna & Drake Dating Again, 'He Treats Her Like A Queen' [Report]

“He still loves her and never stopped,” an insider close to Drake told the site of his feelings for Rihanna, admitting that it was actually the “We Found Love” singer who was always reluctant to settle down and put a label on their relationship when they were dating in the past.

“They are having fun spending time with each other. Their music together got them close again,” the source added.

But while some sources are claiming that it’s the attention Drake lavishes on Rihanna that’s lead her back into his arms, a separate insider alleged earlier this week that Drake is actually planning on taking more of a back seat approach when it comes to dating Rihanna this time around.

“Before their relationships have been unbalanced and it was always him doing the chasing,” another source told Hollywood Life of Rihanna and Drake’s alleged reconciliation this week, admitting that this time around Drake was planning to keep things low-key in the relationship and not come on too strong.

Rihanna & Drake Dating Again, 'He Treats Her Like A Queen' [Report]

“He’s not going to bombard her with calls or texts,” the insider said of the reported reconciled relationship, claiming that Drake was instead “going to make sure he’s still hanging out with his crew, and he’s going to make sure [Rihanna] knows she’s getting a prize too.”

Rihanna and Drake are yet to respond to the latest round of reconciliation claims, though Hollywood Life‘s source admitted that the rapper has been close to Rihanna for so long now that he knows exactly what she’s looking for when it comes to a relationship.

“Drake and Rihanna have been dating on and off for so long that he pretty much knows what makes her tick,” the insider confessed. “Now he knows not to make the same mistakes he made before.”

What do you think of reports claiming that Drake and Rihanna are officially dating again?

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