Fifth Harmony Blast Fans As ‘Disrespectful’ Following ‘Abusive’ Security Claims

Fifth Harmony are taking to social media to put a fan on blast who claimed they were inappropriately touched by one of the band’s bodyguards, while the girl band then accused other fans of “disrespecting” them and their team.

The band issued a statement on July 4 regarding an alleged incident in which a fan claimed Fifth Harmony’s security team inappropriately touched them during a meeting in a Brazilian hotel according to The Daily Mail.

In the lengthy statement titled “#respect” posted to the girls’ official Twitter account, Fifth Harmony denied the claims made by the fan, blasting them as complete “lies” while encouraging their legions of fans to be more respectful towards them and their team.

“We have been really busy working and making sure that you guys have as amazing of an experience with us as possible,” the statement posted on Fifth Harmony’s official Twitter page began. “But we feel like sometimes you guys forget that there are only 5 of us versus the hundreds of you.”

Fifth Harmony Blast Fans As 'Disrespectful' After Security Incident [Photo by Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images]“Our security team is set up and in place to protect us and [our] privacy when people go beyond normal boundaries,” Fifth Harmony continued in the joint statement, blasting the claims of inappropriate behaviour as nothing but a “lie” made up by an overzealous fan.

“We’ve seen all over Twitter outrage over one of our security guards attacking and trying to inappropriately touch one of our fans and we wanted to put out a statement calling out this lie,” Fifth Harmony told fans.

Dinah, Lauren, Ally, Camila and Normani then revealed that they were present when the alleged incident took place and denied that there was any wrong doing by their security team.

“We were there. The girl tried to come to Lauren and Dinah’s doors and the security we hired were with us speaking to us and making sure we were safe,” Fifth Harmony claimed in the lengthy statement. “We saw this girl lie to them about where she was staying and where her actual room was, tell them to ‘shut the f*** up and stop talking’ and then proceed to try and lunge towards Lauren’s room so she could get a note to her.”

The Fifth Harmony girls’ then claimed that the fan in question “fought to break free” of the security guard but began “shouting that they were touching her and trying to take her clothes off.”

“Four of us were out there and experienced this scene with our own eyes. Not one security guard inappropriately touched or harmed anyone,” the girls continued. “They would never intentionally harm any one of our fans.”

Fifth Harmony then told fans that they would continue to support their security team in light of the allegations, while alluding to needing tighter security in the wake of the death of singer Christina Grimmie, who TMZ reported was shot dead by an obsessed fan during a meet and greet after a concert in Orlando, Florida, on June 10.

“Especially in light of recent events like the shooting, we can’t ever be too safe with our personal space and protection,” the Fifth Harmony girls continued, appearing to refer to the horrific incident that saw the former The Voice contestant lose her life.

Fifth Harmony Blast Fans As 'Disrespectful' After Security Incident [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]The girls then appeared to put a number of other fans on blast for calling out their team on social media, claiming that a number of their biggest fans were “disrespecting” them through their comments.

“We’d appreciate if you recognized that when you disrespect our team and their hard work, you’re disrespecting us,” Fifth Harmony’s statement concluded.

However, some fans weren’t exactly thrilled with Fifth Harmony’s joint statement, hitting back at the girls by claiming that their security team had been “abusive” to a number of fans.

“They have been ABUSIVE and I’m so disappointed that you are defending them against your OWN fans,” @RafaGutierrez11 tweeted out, while Twitter user @janine_dias wrote, “so your security guard use abusive force and threats with us and you come online saying that WE NEED TO RESPECT THEM??????????”

Fifth Harmony Blast Fans As 'Disrespectful' After Security Incident [Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]“Your fans are freaking TEENAGERS. your security team has been abusive since day one here, including on m&g experiences,” @sincemila added on the social media site, and @inkedadz added, “they’ve been abusive, there’s videos! there’s enough proof so don’t come here and say its a lie’ or [whatever].”

The latest Fifth Harmony drama comes just days after fans put the girl group on blast following a concert in Lima, Peru, where fans took to social media to claim that they “deserve better” from the girls and their security team.

Fifth Harmony fan and Twitter user @Mariagarciatub posted their experience with the girls on social media on June 25, where they claimed to have been pushed by Fifth Harmony’s security personnel during a meet and greet.

“We were told we couldn’t hug you or have any contact with you,” the fan told Fifth Harmony. “I couldn’t hug [you] individually, I couldn’t even thank you for saving my life because the security guard didn’t let me go,” the fan claimed, alleging that they were “pushed away” from the band by security.

What do you think of the latest drama surrounding Fifth Harmony and their security team?

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