One Direction’s Harry Styles Headed To Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

One Direction star Harry Styles is certainly someone who attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes. As one-quarter of the hit band One Direction, Styles is used to attracting the media and large numbers of fans wherever he roams, but not even Harry can expect to bring a railway to a standstill. It seems that Styles is set to do just that later this month when the 22-year-old star visits Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

For those who are not avid Styles watchers, heartthrob Harry is currently filming for his silver screen debut in Christopher Nolan’s World War Two epic, Dunkirk. Styles will take his big-screen bow when Dunkirk is released next July. Interest in the movie has been intense, partly as a result of huge interest from One Direction’s millions of fans, who are desperate to see how Harry adapts to the rigors of the movie business.


Styles has been tied up filming in France since May of this year, but shooting is set to move to Dorset this month. Harry and co-stars Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, and Cillian Murphy will attract an influx of fans to Dorset and will provide a boost to the local economy. According to Blackmore Vale, shooting will close a large section of the historic Swanage Railway on July 25 and 26.

Swanage Railway is a heritage steam railway that originally ran from Swanage to Wareham bit was closed in 1972. The line was restored by volunteers, and steam trains now carry tourists through some of the U.K.’s most beautiful countryside. A statement on the railway website confirms that Swanage and Harman’s Cross stations will be closed when Harry and the rest of the crew come to town.


Swanage Railway Company chairman Trevor Parsons apologised for the two-day closure when Harry is in town but was quick to point out that Styles, his co-stars, and the film crew will help to boost the economy of an area that is increasingly reliant on tourism.

“We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment that may be caused to the public because of the filming which we are confident will benefit not just the Isle of Purbeck but also other parts of Dorset – attracting visitors to see the filming location and bringing more film and TV production to the area.”

“The filming is good for Swanage and the Swanage Railway, it’s good for the Isle of Purbeck and east Dorset – and it’s also good for showing that the area is willing to work with business.”

There is no real clue as to where Styles and the rest of the Dunkirk team will stay whilst filming takes place in Swanage. As one of the world’s biggest name pop stars, Harry is used to living the high-life, but at the peak of the tourist season Styles will find it more than a little difficult to secure high-class accommodation in this part of Dorset.

Styles did recently show that he is willing to put up with less salubrious quarters. Celebs Now reported in May that Styles was “slumming it” in a budget French hotel whilst filming in Dunkirk. It seems that Harry had to endure the lack of air conditioning and a “disappointing breakfast” at the Hotel Borel.

One Direction fans have flocked to areas where Harry has been filming in the hope of catching a glimpse of Styles in uniform with his newly shorn locks. There is every reason to expect that Styles watchers will be paying a visit to Dorset in the hope of spotting Harry.


Harry is currently in London where, according to Sugarscape, he spent the weekend chilling with his sister Gemma Styles and One Direction stylist Lou Teasdale. It seems that Harry was turning on the style by sporting a star pattern shirt, possibly as a message to U.S. Styles fans on Independence Day.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]