‘The Division’ On PS4 Updates With 1.3 Adding New Weapons, Updated Gear Today

The Division

After being delayed on PlayStation 4, patch 1.3 for The Division deploys today on the console. Although the first piece of paid downloadable content is not available on PlayStation 4 yet, the base 1.3 update is live with Underground still scheduled to release on August 2. The July 5 maintenance, as noted on the official forums, added 1.3 content, including new weapons, updated gear sets, a new mode, and much more to the MMO shooter.

The Division‘s 1.3 update adds new high-end weapons, a new gear set, the new heroic mode difficulty, the ability to recalibrate a weapon talent, and much more. Players can find three new assault rifles, two new marksman rifles, two new submachine guns, and two new pistols thanks to the patch. Additionally, a new named shotgun is available to loot called The Showstopper. All of these weapons are named and noted in the official patch notes on The Division website.

The Division
Not to mention the new AlphaBridge gear set is now on the loot table. This set includes bonuses for additional med kits, better health regeneration, and a four-set bonus focused on weapon talents. For example, players can use two assault rifles and they will both receive benefits from all the weapon talents on each equipped assault rifle. Players can find pieces of the AlphaBridge set in high difficultly missions, from Incursions, or in the Dark Zone.

The 1.3 patch also added a challenge difficulty to two missions, the Hudson refugee Camp and the Queens Tunnel Camp missions, while adding a harder difficulty to main missions and Incursions. Heroic difficulty is a step above challenge difficulty offering even stronger enemies and better rewards. Right now, heroic missions are not part of daily mission objectives.

The Division
PlayStation 4 players of The Division will also notice a new way to customize their weapons with the update. Weapon talents can be recalibrated at the recalibration bench. One talent can be rolled differently to improve a weapon. It costs a number of Phoenix Credits and Weapon Kits which are new to the game with the update. They can be crafted or found throughout the game.

Update 1.3 also changes two popular gear sets in an effort to rebalance the sets. As the Inquisitr reported, the Striker and Sentry’s Call gear sets are now different than their original iteration. Both sets’ two- and three-set bonuses were roughly cut in half with those bonus amounts moved to a new, five-set bonus. Other gear changes to The Division also include holsters always rolling with three attributes and new static mod slots on all gear. For instance, chest pieces will always have two mod slots while masks, kneepads, and backpacks always have one mod slot each. Gloves and holsters will not offer mod slots after the 1.3 update.

The Division also now includes a 70 slot stash, level 30 enemies in Free Roam for players that are level 30, cheaper Phoenix Credit costs to 204 high-end and 240 gear set blueprints, and much more. The update also made it possible to matchmake from no-respawn areas and protects players from getting kicked during a boss fight or one minute thereafter.

“Players can now matchmake from inside no-respawn areas and can fast travel into activities while the group is in a no-respawn area.”

The 1.3 patch is just over 10 gigabytes on PlayStation 4. Players can download it now to start hunting down new weapons, finding new gear, and enjoying its other benefits like more stash space. Again, the DLC often associated with patch 1.3 is not yet available on PlayStation 4. Underground, the first paid DLC for The Division will not be available for download until August 2 on PlayStation 4 due to an exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

[Image via Ubisoft]