Chris Brown’s New Tattoo Of Rihanna? Star’s Rep Says No

Chris Brown debuted a new tattoo on the red carpet last week, sparking rumors that his new tattoo is a strange, and slightly disturbing, homage to Rihanna.

Brown and his reps have insisted that the singer’s brand new neck tattoo is not a tribute to his ex-girlfriend, but, when viewed up close, the resemblance to his fellow singer is uncanny, notes TMZ.

Chris’s new neck tattoo depicts a woman with scars and stitches on the right side of her face. Sources have said that, while the tattoo bears some resemblance to Rihanna, “It’s a random woman.”

The tattoo woman’s bone structure is similar to the Barbadan beauty’s, with arched eyebrows and full lips much like the real Rihanna.

But the tattoo’d version bears scars that could have been from a serious beating, much like the one that Brown gave Rihanna back in 2009 following the Grammy Awards, reports The New York Daily News.

The woman’s lips are covered in stitches, and she appears to be sporting a black eye and bruising on the right side of her face. While Chris Brown’s tattoo may not really be of Rihanna, it is an unpleasant reminder of Rihanna’s beaten face after Brown took his rage out on her.

The beating was followed by a restraining order, but the couple has since reconciled, even to the point of Rihanna kissing her ex-boyfriend during the VMAs this week. Rihanna told Oprah in an interview in August:

“I truly love him. I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help. The main thing for me is that he is at peace. I’m not at peace if he is unhappy or he is still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds peace.”

Do you think that Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo could be of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna?

Chris Brown Neck Tattoo Resembles Rihanna