Will Forever In Your Mind Be The Next Teen Generation's One Direction?

One Direction Fans are mourning what they fear is a parting of the ways for 1D, but it could mean more music than ever as each member makes their own solo albums. Still, their new music will not be the close harmony boy band sound their fans have grown accustomed to. To fill that void, something special has been spotted on the horizon for young boy band fans... ever heard of FIYM?

Forever In Your Mind, or FIYM, is an adorable new boy band with three cute teen hunks ready to sing their hearts out for young fans. According to Teen Vogue, the group has just released an EP called FIYM. The EP includes their latest song, "Enough About Me," which is already a huge YouTube hit. Here is a sample of their music so far. Hear the potential?

One Direction was and is, the singular most popular group since the Beatles. Could FIYM do the same? The 1D boys made over $20 million each before taking that hiatus. While fans are depressed about the long break, which some speculate could lead to a break-up, 1D had an incredible run, and it is likely that all members will continue their careers, whether together or separately with other music genres. So, the boy band market is probably ready for some newer and younger talent.

Will Forever In Your Mind, enjoy the same sort of success 1D experienced? Ricky Garcia, Liam Attridge, and Emery Kelly may just have what it takes to fill that boy band void left by One Direction. The group rocked Good Morning America on the Fourth of July and no doubt made an impression.

Meanwhile, One Direction is headed out in all directions. The good news is Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne could make more albums separately than together, at least in theory. 1D made one album a year for five years, but five musicians working separately could make five albums per year between them. It may take a little while for them to get that new music together, but rest assured it's coming.
  • Zayn Malik has already released a great album called Mind of Mine.
  • Harry Styles has signed an $80 million dollar contract with Columbia for three albums, according to Daily Mail.
  • Niall Horan may have listed at least one song for copyright and is close to a record contract with SYCO records.
  • Louis Tomlinson was recently writing songs in a studio. Louis is also considering a TV and film career according to Unreality TV.
  • Liam Payne leaked a solo song in January but is still exploring his options.
Forever In Your Mind David Becker c
Forever In Your Mind [Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]Forever In Your Mind is currently working on a secret project with Disney that will include both singing and acting, according to Teen Vogue. They are standing just where One Direction was just a few short years ago, as very young, cute, and talented teens. FIYM has a history that goes back at least to 2013, when the boys were 14-years-old. Now, they are practically veterans, but hopefully, the best is yet to come.

One Direction found mega-fame perhaps a little quicker than that, but the Forever In Your Mind boys are still young enough, having gotten an early start. With the right opportunities and a little luck, they could become the next 1D, even as their older counterparts work on their solo careers. Stil for FIYM... it's all about having fun and enjoying their lives.

Forever In Your Mind by Jason Merritt c
Forever In Your Mind [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]Forever In Your Mind and other boy bands are all about fun, according to FIYM members Ricky Garcia, Liam Attridge, Emery Kelly, who explained to Teen Vogue how it felt to record "Enough About Me."
"[Our Music is about] having fun and being free. That [Recording 'Enough About Me'] was the most fun because we all recorded in the booth together, but one person at a time."
Like One Direction years ago, Forever In Your Mind is ready to enjoy the thrills of making boy band music.

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