Apple Sues Polish Grocery Chain, Claims Copyright Violation

James Johnson

David meet Goliath. Apple on Tuesday filed a copyright lawsuit against Polish grocery chain, a company Apple claims is copying its logo and brand icons in a direct attempt to confuse customers.

The tech giant filed the lawsuit with the Polish patent office at which time CEO Radoslaw Celinski told Reuters that Apple’s claim is “ludicrous.”

A quick look at the website reveals zero resemblance to Apple's own logo, products, or even web design know-how. With that being said, Apple claims a previous logo led to the confusion but is not being used at the moment.

The complete lack of resemblance has led to some pretty funny online responses. One comment on Mashable reads:

"I bought a Macintosh online there and man, was I disappointed when it arrived."

Here's the logo in question as presented by The Next Web:

Apple Copyright A PL

While the above logo was taken from and not, it's likely that the original logo was close to the above shown design.

If Apple is attempting to sue any company that uses a computer generated picture of an Apple in their ads regardless of industry or design, we could end up reading about a lot more copyright lawsuits in the future.

Examining the current and past logos, do you believe Apple has a valid argument or are the tech firm's lawyers grasping at straws?