Diva Mariah Carey Joins Madonna In Late Concert Start Habit

Mariah Carey Concert

Mariah Carey is still a diva. Though fans certainly appreciated her appearance on stage at the Essence Festival this past weekend, she left people waiting for more than 30 minutes. Nola has the news.

“In the almost 30 minutes spent waiting for Mariah Carey’s Essence Festival debut, an internet search showed that the phenomenon of waiting for #TheDiva is merely an exercise in experiencing the star’s stage style. What it doesn’t show, however, is how odd she can be once she’s actually made it there. “

Critic Chelsea Brasted added that Mariah Carey acted really strange once she did arrive on stage. She said Mariah’s concert was a frustrating experience thanks to three 5-minute breaks she took during her 75-minute set. She said that the audience started to leave once Mariah started performing past 12:30 a.m. Even though this could be confirmed on social media, Mariah’s rabid fans are still angry with Brasted’s article, as indicated by the comments.

Mariah Carey Fans
“Yet every article I have read so far this morning mentions how good she was. You can always tell when an author has a simple review or a specific agenda,” says @DP1701

“Mariah is a professional bc [sic] she put on an amazing show despite being unfamiliar with this venue. This is why she is legendary. Call her a diva if you want, but she knows how to put on a show!” claims Adrian T.

A lot of other sources gave Mariah a thumbs up for her appearance. The Advocate notes that Mariah was acting weird, but she put on a good show.

“That voice is her claim to fame, and it was in good form Saturday night. She slid effortlessly up and down her remarkable range, mostly resisting the temptation to oversing,” says columnist Rick Spera, who notes that her former collaborator and manager Jermaine Dupri joined her on stage.

Mariah Carey Essence
Most of the reviews of Mariah Carey’s performance on Twitter were very positive.

Mariah being 30 minutes late isn’t a huge deal, at least not enough to get her booed like she did when arriving 45 minutes late in Leeds a couple months back. The Daily Mail reported on Mariah’s tardiness.

“The 46 year-old star, who is one of the world’s best-selling artists, was booed by concert-goers after arriving 45 minutes late for her performance at the city’s First Direct Arena….Unsurprisingly, her fans didn’t take kindly to the punctuality faux pas, venting their frustrations via social media site Twitter.”

Despite the tardiness, Mariah Carey received good reviews from both fans and critics for her very first show in Leeds. All the good reviews Mariah has been receiving lately are far different from the awful reviews she received just by showing up on stage two years ago. It’s obvious Mariah has got her act back together.

Mariah has become a lot like Madonna lately since Madge is known to show up late to gigs as well. Madonna played a surprise show at the Forum in Melbourne, Australia in March and — according to News.com.au, kept fans waiting nearly four hours before her appearance. To Madonna’s credit, the show was a free one-off performance, and Madonna’s management did tell people she would be late. Still, some fans were upset.

Both Mariah Carey and Madonna are at a career crossroads. Even though both of their latest albums have been critically acclaimed, they weren’t commercial successes. Radio stations cater to the young, so they haven’t been getting their records played. However, both Mariah and Madonna have been succeeding on stage, and that’s how artists earn most of their money these days.

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