Ukraine Chupacabra? Local Farmer Says He Killed Blood-Sucker [Video]

Locals in Ukraine have reportedly been dealing with the infamous chupacabra for quite some time now. Residents say that the elusive beast has been tormenting both people and livestock alike, and one farmer simply wasn’t going to take it anymore, according a Daily Mail report. Indeed, the local farmer known only as “Ivan” says that he killed the chupacabra in Ukraine with a pitchfork when it stalked his barn.

The Ukrainian farmer, Ivan, claimed that the chupacabra had been stalking and otherwise “terrorizing” his livestock for quite some time. That’s when the farmer in Ukraine decided to turn the tables on the chupacabra, hunting it down and killing it to protect his animals from its blood-sucking attacks.

Metro UK reports that the killer of the Ukraine chupacabra has been hailed by his neighbors as a hero for taking action against the animal, which had reportedly been harassing the area for a long time, terrifying people who were afraid to come out of their homes when they heard the creature or when they found their animals slaughtered by the chupacabra.

“The chupacabra was hunting and I killed it. It had been scaring local people for a long time.”

According to reports, the purported chupacabra killed in Ukraine was capable of hurling itself over six-foot walls.

Chupacabras have a long and storied history of stalking and terrorizing people and their animals; the name originated in South America and it means “goat sucker.” This comes from the fact that the creature is known to attack livestock and drink the blood of its victims.


The first known accounts of the chupacabra, which many chalk up to local lore and mythology, took place in Puerto Rico.

In the case of the chupacabra allegedly killed in Ukraine, the animal in question had been killing off chicken and rabbits, and reportedly sucking the blood from their dead bodies. Just like chupacabras reportedly do in the Americas. Ivan, the farmer in Ukraine, took photographs of the dead “chupacabra,” and their release has some people calling “animal cruelty” rather than “hero.”


That’s because many people who have seen the photographs of the chupacabra slain in Ukraine think that the creature that the irate farmer killed with a pitchfork is some kind of malnourished dog, not a chupacabra at all. The creature does look more like a hairless (possibly mange infected) canine than a chupacabra. It doesn’t fully match the historical descriptions of the creature.

The so-called chupacabra has been turned over to veterinary professionals for examination and identification, but so far, professionals have been unable to identify the mystery creature. Valeriy Dopiryak, head of the Regional State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine, says that she has no idea what the animal actually is.

“It resembles an African fox, but its teeth, neck, ears and paws are too long. We can’t say what it is.”


While most known chupacabra sightings have taken place in the Americas, the Ukrainian sighting (and possible killing and recovery) is not unique in that part of the globe. Multiple sightings of the chupacabra, generally considered a cryptozoology myth, have been reported in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan,

ukraine chupacabra

The Ukraine chupacabra was (reportedly) sighted, captured, and killed in the western Ukrainian region of Chernivtsi, in the small village of Rukshin at the end of June. Ivan, the farmer who killed the creature, makes no apologies for what he did.

“It was eating our chickens and rabbits.”

What do you think? Do you think farmer Ivan actually killed a chupacabra? Is it possible that the “chupacabra” was really just a dog of some kind? Do you think that this and other reported chupacabra sightings in Ukraine and around the world are ever legitimate?

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