‘Meerkats Can Control Electronics With Their Minds’ — Man Posts Fake Animal Facts Around Los Angeles Zoo

In addition to rare and exotic animals, one thing you’d expect to find at the Los Angeles Zoo is a series of signs sharing interesting true facts about the animals in their exhibits. But, for a short time, the zoo had quite the opposite on display, thanks to the hilarious efforts of a prankster comedian who filled the park with ridiculous fake animal facts.

According to Bored Panda, Jeff Wysaski, who goes by Obvious Plant online, designed a number of authentic-looking flyers featuring high-definition photos of real wildlife and a completely absurd caption to accompany them. Usually, the fake animal facts were too far-fetched to fool anyone, but that doesn’t make them any less hysterical.

Among the nuggets of phony information came the claim: “Meerkats can control electronics with their minds.”

According to Hello Giggles, the comedian put up the fake animal fact flyers all over the zoo, almost certainly without the permission of the park staff. It’s unclear how long the signs were up or if Jeff Wysaski got in any trouble for his prank, but apparently, they were up long enough for quite a few guests of the Los Angeles Zoo to notice them. Presumably, there were plenty of baffled customers that day. The comedian did manage to snap photos of all the nonsense facts for sharing on social media before they were removed.

He published the album with a simple declaration: “I left some fake animal facts at the L.A. Zoo.”

Here you can see one of the more outrageous fake animal facts which states that “America’s first president, George Washington, was actually 9 koalas stacked on top of each other.”

The images are quickly going viral on Facebook, having earned thousands of likes each and hundreds of shares. The fake animal facts are funny enough on their own, but knowing Jeff Wysaski actually posted these flyers up on public makes the prank even more enjoyable knowing how confused everyone at the Los Angeles Zoo must have been that day.

Among the insanely false animal facts was at least one that was undeniably true. The flyer below states “if you give a tiny trombone to 76 ducklings, they will lead the most adorable parade you’ve ever seen.”

If you want to see the complete set, visit the Obvious Plant Facebook page. But here are a few more fake animal fact gems.

“The Southern Crested Screamer can see ghosts. That’s why it screams. It is constantly bombarded with the haunting images of the undead that constantly surround us.”

Though some Facebook users criticized the lighthearted prank, most people found the gag hilarious.

“Awesome!! I especially like the Meerkat and Bear factoids!! Hilarious! Those signs would make me look *everywhere* in the zoo for more! Brilliant!” said one user.

The Los Angeles Zoo fake animal facts aren’t the first time Jeff Wysaski has pulled this kind of hilarious prank on the public. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the comedian previously created another series of fake signs for the infamously chaotic Black Friday sales. These prank flyers included ads for “gifts for centaurs” and an offer for a free falcon with every purchase over $75. Read more Black Friday pranks here.

You can see the entire catalog of prank signs Jeff Wysaski has made at his website ObviousPlant.tumblr.com. The comedian’s sense of humor seems to focus primarily on spreading false information. This includes everything from fake motivational quotes to “12 Interesting Facts About Guy Fieri.”

What do you think about the Los Angeles Zoo fake animal facts? What would you have thought if you saw those signs at a zoo?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]