‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Eight Pack Fracturing, ‘BB18’ House Holds Veto Ceremony [Spoilers]

Jeff Schroeder And Jozea Flores

Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal another fracture in the Eight Pack alliance. These Big Brother 18 spoilers come from Monday, July 4, and also include discussions on how the Veto would get used this week. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates had Da’Vonne Rogers speaking directly to the cameras about her long-term plans in the BB18 house. It includes the very public announcement that Frank Eudy is about to become one of her targets for eviction.

Da’Vonne finds Frank to be her biggest competition in the house. She has had discussions with Michelle Meyer about possibly getting Frank out before the jury starts forming, but those talks haven’t gained any traction. Michelle is on Frank’s team in the BB18 house, so she has no real incentive to break up one of the original alliances she had in the house. It also raises the possibility that if Da’Vonne is not careful, Michelle could start sharing this information with Frank.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paulie Calafiore won the Veto competition this week, giving him the power to alter the nominations. Paulie also won the HOH competition for the week, allowing him to name two nominees for eviction. He went with Paul Abrahamian and Bronte D’Acquisto as his nominees, but it was no secret that Paulie wanted Victor Arroyo to be the main target. Victor then won the Roadkill competition, selecting Tiffany Rousso as his nominee for eviction.

At the Veto ceremony on Monday, July 4, the real Big Brother 18 spoilers started taking center stage. Paulie Calafiore made the calculated move of saving Paul Abrahamian from the block, possibly securing some goodwill down the road. Paulie then named Victor Arroyo as the replacement nominee for eviction. During the “live” eviction show on Thursday, July 7, the BB18 house will vote to evict Victor, Bronte, or Tiffany. If the Eight Pack has its way, the vote will be very one-sided and Victor will be walking out the door.

If the eviction goes down as planned, Victor will become the third-straight guy to get evicted from the game. He will join Glenn Garcia and Jozea Flores in sequester, where both evicted houseguests have been waiting to compete for a chance to get back on the show. As host Julie Chen announced during the last eviction episode, the first five evicted houseguests will compete in challenges to re-enter the BB18 house later this summer. It means that Glenn, Jozea, or Victor could get back in the game very soon.

Despite how the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers paint a specific picture for the way the week will play out, Victor Arroyo is still working hard to stay safe. Victor is still convinced that he can save himself, carrying out conversations with Frank Eudy and Da’Vonne Rogers about helping him get enough votes. While he is getting all the answers that he is looking to hear, Victor may soon be very frustrated by the voting results during the July 7 episode.

The holiday has been very exciting for a lot of the houseguests, as they are in a partying mood. Many have been enjoying alcoholic beverages and quite a few private celebrations have taken place following the Veto ceremony. That included Bronte D’Acquisto and Natalie Negrotti getting excited that Victor was nominated and that Paul might get evicted next. There are bound to be more Big Brother 18 spoilers coming out before the next eviction ceremony, but it now appears clear that Victor Arroyo will be meeting Julie Chen on July 7.

[Photo By: CBS Big Brother / Twitter]