Rik Emmett To Reunite With Triumph For Three Songs On New Album

Rik Emmett will reunite with Triumph on new album

Rik Emmett left Triumph 30 years ago, but the Canadian rock legend will reportedly reunite with former bandmates Mike Levine and Gil Moore for his next solo album. Emmett and bassist Mike Levine and drummer Gil Moore are recording three songs together for Rik’s upcoming album, which could come out later this year, according to the website Melodic Rush.

In addition to his old pals from Triumph, Emmett will work with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and Dream Theater singer James La Brie on his new album. The project is being called Rik Emmett Resolution 9 (RES9).

A photo of Emmett with Levine and Moore working together was posted on the Triumph Facebook page with the caption: “Mike and Gil joined Rik in the studio for his new album!”

Rik Emmett last reunited with Levine and Moore in 2008 to play at both the Sweden Rock Festival and Rocklahoma, but the upcoming trio of songs will be the first new music from the classic Triumph lineup since 1987’s Surveillance.

Rik Emmett formed Triumph in 1975 with Moore and Levine. The Toronto-based hard rock power trio found success with their 1979 album, Just a Game, which featured the radio hit “Hold On” and the heavy-rotation FM radio song “Lay It On the Line.” Emmett’s band found even more fans with 1981’s Allied Forces, which featured the rock radio staples “Fight the Good Fight” and “Magic Power.” In 1983, Rik and Triumph stole the show at the U.S. Festival up against heavy metal giants Judas Priest, Motley Crue, and Van Halen.

But, after recording nine albums with Triumph, Rik Emmett ultimately left the group in 1988 to pursue a solo career; his band mates released one more album (with replacement lead singer Phil Xenedis), Edge of Excess, in 1993.

Still, Rik Emmett has never fully closed the door on Triumph. While he was estranged from his bandmates for a long period of time in the late ’80s and ’90s, in a 2012 interview posted to The Whig, Emmett said he could see more shows someday for the original lineup of the band.

“If the carrot was big enough and golden enough, I think it would make Mike and Gil, but especially Gil, do it,” Emmett said. “And we have had inquiries.”

“I do like playing with the guys,” Rik continued. “It’s fun. And we go out for dinners together and we’re hanging out again and laughing and joking. The reunion shows, for me, was the real lovely bit of us being back as friends again. For them, they don’t need the playing of the music to return to the magic of the brotherhood thing…But if you ask me, in my gut, do I still think there are one or two gigs left in us, I would say yes there is probably the likelihood that something will come along, like maybe some big charity gig, that would get the guys to say, ‘OK, we’ll strap it on one more time.’ ”

Rik Emmett added that one of the reasons a tour hasn’t come together is because Moore would like to do an old school type of Triumph show, complete with lasers, pyrotechnics, and big venues, like the band did in their heyday 35 years ago.

“If the offer was there, and it was a solid thing, and it wasn’t just speculative, then it would change the temperature of the conversation,” Emmett said. “But at this point, so much of it is just speculative.”

Of course, that could all change with the new music Triumph is recording. For now, Rik Emmett tours with musical partner Dave Dunlop and puts on smaller-scale shows.

Take a look at the video below to see Rik Emmett and Triumph performing one of their biggest songs.

[Photo by Rik Emmett/Facebook]