Donald Trump To Meet With Senator Joni Ernst For VP [Video]

Donald Trump To Meet With Senator Joni Ernst For VP [Video]

Donald Trump has been polarizing the American 2016 presidential election cycle with his off the cuff comments and severe rhetoric that many feel demonizes minority groups, which includes Mexicans, Muslims, and women. But now, he is about to meet with a woman that some say could be his potential VP running mate on the GOP 2016 presidential ticket this year.

In a tweet, Donald Trump announced that he would be meeting with Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa today, as reported by conservative news organization, Fox News. The tweet seemed to indicate that Trump intends to meet with her on Independence Day with a symbolic gesture of possibly offering her the VP spot on the 2016 GOP ticket.

But running as a vice president on Donald Trump’s ticket as a woman could put Joni Ernst in a seriously awkward position, much like it did with former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin back in 2008. To help put that in more context, Palin since went on to be the subject of ridicule by all kinds left leaning and right leaning news pundits that portrayed her as a less than smart person, citing her many gaffes.

Donald Trump’s tweet also said that he would be meeting with Joni Ernst in New Jersey today, which also has more than just one meaning as well. If Trump intends to meet with Joni Ernst in Governor Chris Christie’s home state, does that mean that there is going to be some sort of competitive rivalry going on, considering many had believed that Christie himself was being considered for VP since he had dropped out of the GOP primaries, not to long after fiercely criticizing Donald Trump during the contest, and came out as a Trump supporter? This was something that seemed odd to the American voters and it seemed as though he had been promised something big to do so, but of course that was only in theory.

So now that Donald Trump plans to meet with Joni Ernst in a combative state for the position, could Donald Trump be using the situation as a play for his own ends. There had also been some speculation that Donald Trump would be meeting with, and vetting, Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his possible VP running mate on the 2016 ticket. But it seems as though Trump is keeping his options open and possibly applying some of his business strategies to his own political career as insider maneuvering to get something that he may want out of his VP, and his party.

On Saturday, Donald Trump had tweeted that he met with Mike Pence and his family, which he seemed to have nothing but nice things to say about them. But those were not words that were very promising to indicate that he was moving forward with his vetting process on Pence.

So with that in mind, Donald Trump appears to have moved on in his election process and he is going through the motions of meeting with other potential VP picks for the 2016 ticket, which includes Joni Ernst today. Voters should remember that this is politics and this may just be a way to sway public opinion, given that Donald Trump has likely already made up his mind as to who he wants for a VP on his 2016 GOP ticket.

Although the strategy to recruit Sarah Palin back in 2008 for the VP ticket with John McCain clearly had some motivation with the announcement coming soon after Hillary Clinton had been defeated by Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries, it did seem to backfire on the GOP and McCain. Not only did they lose to Obama, but they did so quite remarkably. So putting Joni Ernst on the ticket with Donald Trump may just be a bit of an overreach if politics are at play here.

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