Did Bill Clinton Meet With Loretta Lynch To Sabotage The Hillary Investigation?

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Pundits and voters on both sides of the political fence have been shaking their heads at the ill-advised meeting between former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a private runway at the Phoenix airport last week. How could someone as politically savvy as Clinton create a situation that looks like a blatant attempt to influence the outcome of an FBI investigation into his wife, Hillary?

MiniPlanet has come up with a very interesting theory that would explain the reasoning behind what appears to be an incredible misstep by the former president. In fact, it makes so much sense it’s now hard to see Clinton’s faux pas as anything, but a calculated attempt to delay and sabotage the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails until after the Democratic convention this month. And perhaps even delay it till after the general election in November. If they’re right, this would be a great example of how Bill Clinton earned his nickname, “Slick Willie.”

Both Clinton and Lynch have acknowledged that they spent about 30 minutes together while they were at the Phoenix airport, with Bill Clinton initiating the meeting by boarding Lynch’s plane. Since then, public outrage has prompted Lynch to assure the American public that she will abide by whatever recommendations the FBI makes in its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Lynch claimed they spent their time on the plane chatting about personal things such as their grandchildren.

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So far, there doesn’t seem to be one single person or media outlet that buys the story. What’s more troubling is that both parties had to know the fallout of the indefensible meeting. Liberal talk show host and comedian, Bill Maher said Friday night that Lynch should have told Clinton in no uncertain terms to”get off her plane,” because of the ongoing investigation, but that obviously would have been an awkward situation for the Attorney General to kick the off the man who first appointed her as a U.S. Attorney.

Why would Bill Clinton do such a foolish thing? Here are the three basic possibilities for why this meeting took place.

  • Lynch and Clinton agreed to meet to discuss the pending FBI investigation regardless of the inevitable public outcry, and the meeting is every bit as dirty as it appears to the public.
  • Clinton didn’t realize the fallout from making a “friendly” visit to the Attorney General’s plane, and it was an innocent mistake.
  • Bill Clinton knew exactly what he was doing when he boarded that plane. He knew that his meeting with Lynch would cause such outrage it would pressure Lynch to remove herself from the investigation and likely cause a delay in the investigation until after the Democratic convention and the general election, clearing the way for his wife, Hillary Clinton, to get the Democratic nomination and possibly the presidency.

The first two possibilities are pretty hard to believe except by even the most cynical or the most naïve theorists. But possibility number three? Possibility number three that this was a calculated political move makes a lot of sense if you’re afraid that an indictment against your wife may come down before she can clinch the Democratic presidential nomination and win the presidency in the general election. MiniPlanet clearly feels the third scenario is most likely, making their own case for Clinton making a brilliant strategic move at Lynch’s expense.

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“Republicans are calling for a special prosecutor in the case because they believe Bill’s meeting with Lynch shows that Obama’s Justice Department can’t be impartial in this case. That’s exactly what the Clintons want. A special prosecutor will take months or even years to put together a case against Hillary, rather than an FBI recommendation that could come very soon.”

Before you congratulate Bill Clinton on being such a smart guy, think about his utter disregard for Lynch if that’s the case. If Bill Clinton stepped on that plane knowing the damage it would do to the Attorney General, that speaks volumes about his so-called loyalty and his utter lack of regard for damage to others, including someone who has ties to law firms connected to the Clintons.

But perhaps the biggest question raised by the third possibility is why Clinton would take such an extreme strategy that — even if he does succeed in delaying the investigation — does even more damage to Hillary’s campaign, according to a majority of media outlets weighing in on the controversy? Such a desperate intervention might imply that the former president and the woman who wants to be president are expecting legal action before Hillary Clinton can lock up the nomination and presidency.

What do you think? Do you think that Bill Clinton was trying to sabotage and delay the investigation against Hillary until after the convention and general election? Post your comments below.

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