UFL names its Las Vegas Franchise

The First UFL team has its name the Las Vegas Locomotives. The first impression many of us is going to have is this is an very uninspired team name, and the uniforms are nothing more than the colors of the UFL logo reworked. In all this first team unveiling the new league has to be ranked as a miss.

Over the last 50 years many football leagues have come and gone, and we the fans are left with impressions of these failed leagues by how cool their uniforms were. When the American Football League debuted, 50 years ago one immediately noticed that their uniforms were much more colorful and vibrant then those of NFL teams.

The team colors and logo’s of the World Football league of the 1970’s relied far to much on primary colors, and goofy letter characters. The USFL of the 1980’s featured many cool new colors, and combinations of colors that made their teams stand out. The Michigan Panthers and their famous Champagne and Grey, The Pittsburgh maulers Orange and Purple, and the Washington Federals Green and black are uniforms that people still talk about today.

The XFL of the early 2000’s had team logo’s that were better suited for race cars, being far to complex to work as team logo’s on the side of XFL team helmets. These uniforms will forever be the first impression of the UFL as a league and it seems that they are a miss.

By rolling out a team uniform and color scheme that is little more than a reworking of the League’s Logo seems to suggest that the folks running the UFL are a little short on imagination.