Alexander Skarsgard's 7,000-Calorie 'Tarzan' Abs Diet Revealed

Stacey Cole

Alexander Skarsgard has just revealed his insane 7,000 calorie diet for Legend of Tarzan, according to Us Magazine. And -- surprise, surprise -- that diet gave him defined abs. So maybe the secret to a sexy six-pack is to eat 7,000 calories a day?

Well, it's not so simple, since Alexander Skarsgard's diet to build his sexy Legend of Tarzan body was still strict though it was rather generous in calories. At first, it may seem that this diet would make Skarsgard put on weight, but the paradox is that all he gained was lean muscles and no fat whatsoever.

Alexander Skarsgard explaining Jane in #LegendOfTarzan is the sexiest thing ever. Watch:

— Us Weekly (@usweekly) July 4, 2016

In his recent interview with Mr. Porter's The Journal, Alexander Skarsgard revealed the details behind his fat-burning, muscle-gaining 7,000-calorie diet that he used to make his body chiseled and lean for Legend of Tarzan, which opened in the United States last week.

The 39-year-old True Blood star revealed that it took him three months of hard work to gain 25 pounds. And that hard work consisted of eating three times his usual calorie intake, 7,000 calories per day, and lifting weights while focusing on compound exercises.

When it was time for Alexander Skarsgard to go to London to start filming scenes, he started "a very strict" diet that was "sugar-, gluten-, wheat-, dairy- and alcohol-free." The Swedish actor ate six small meals per day and had two daily training sessions.

this still makes it look like Alexander Skarsgard has 20 abs instead of the human 8

— Poe Baratheon (@staennis) July 3, 2016

And what may be the most important thing about such vigorous bulking up process is that Alexander Skarsgard picked his own personal trainer in the gym. It was his friend Magnus Lygdbäck who spent every day and every training session with the Legend of Tarzan actor.

"When you have to see the same person every morning at 4:30 a.m., it's important you get on well with them."

Alexander Skarsgard teased that in Legend of Tarzan, writers used a unique approach to introducing Tarzan to the audience, according to the ABC News. The Swedish actor noted that screenwriter Adam Cozad did a splendid job introducing the character.

"The first scene is him having drinks with the prime minister. I thought it was brilliant. And then the journey is going back to his roots."

During his journey, Alexander Skarsgard's Tarzan goes all the way back to the Congo, where he was born and brought up. And that's where he meets his real ape family. So no more drinking with prime ministers, this time, the character returns to his natural habitat in the jungle.

And once Tarzan removes his clothes in the film, the audience can clearly see all the hard work done by Alexander Skarsgard to make his body so perfect. As told by the True Blood actor in his interview with Peter Travers, it was "a long process" of about eight months of vigorous training in the gym and "a very strict diet."

But the Legend of Tarzan director David Yates was smart enough not to center all the focus of the film solely on Alexander Skarsgard, as he also invited beautiful and sexy Margot Robbie to play the role of Tarzan's wife, Jane.

Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie discuss 'Tarzan' shoot in 'jungles of England'

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In fact, Yates insisted that Alexander Skarsgard and Robbie's first sex scene be "primal," as revealed by the actor.

"He's like, 'It's Tarzan and Jane having sex.' He's like, 'these two iconic characters, it has to be primal and wild.'"

And so Yates went as far as giving Robbie directions while shooting the lovemaking scene, telling the Australian actress to claw, punch, beat, and scratch Alexander Skarsgard in the process. And Skarsgard admits that he walked away with a few bruises after sex with Robbie.

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