Kathryn Dennis Trashes ‘Southern Charm’ Cast On Twitter In Huge Rant

Kathryn Dennis has made it pretty obvious that she is not friends with the other cast members on Southern Charm. Last night, Kathryn went on a bit of a crazy Twitter rant calling out other people on the show, but she must have realized her mistake and later deleted it. All About the Tea shared all about what Kathryn Dennis had to say. Don’t forget that the Southern Charm reunion will not air tonight, but will, instead, air tomorrow because of the 4th of July. This is something you do not want to miss at all.


Kathryn had been very silent on social networks ever since news came out that she would only be able to see her children every other week, and she had to have supervised visits with them. When Kathryn Dennis has the kids, her parents will have to be around as well. Last night, Kathryn went to Twitter and finally shared her thoughts again, but then she later deleted all of the evidence as reality stars are known for doing. You have to wonder what made Kathryn decide to finally speak out.

It all began with Kathryn Dennis saying that the entire cast lied on the Southern Charm reunion, and it was at her expense. She went on to say that she is going to expose their lies one at a time. You can’t talk bad about Kathryn Dennis and expect her just to let it go. She went on to say that Thomas Ravenel had a fling with Jen while she was pregnant with her daughter, and they were not on a break at the time. Kathryn says that nobody on the show is really her friend. It doesn’t look like anyone is, but Shep does want her around and tries to invite Kathryn to events when he gets the chance.

Kathryn also made sure to blast Thomas Ravenel, saying he wasn’t nice to her during her pregnancy and called her a fat Easter bunny. She doesn’t feel that Thomas being nice is real, either. These two have been on again and off again for years now.

This last week, Thoma Ravenel had the children and shared photos of them all over social networks. When they went to court, it was revealed that Thomas would get the kids every other week. This was after Kathryn didn’t end up passing her drug test. Thomas hadn’t even seen his kids for several months before the court date, but it looks like everything fell right into place, and he is getting along great with them.


As People shared on last week’s reunion episode, everyone did gang up on Kathryn Dennis a bit and give her a hard time. They also talked about the big dinner that Thomas gave where a fight almost broke out. Shep Rose said, “You looked dangerous to me, I mean that’s almost unforgivable. It was intense. I thought, ‘Oh man do I have to fight this guy? I don’t know how to fight.'” Luckily, Shep and Thomas’s argument was just verbal, and they didn’t end up hitting each other. Shep and Thomas seem to have moved on just fine.

Are you shocked to hear what Kathryn Dennis had to say about her Southern Charm cast members? Are you excited to see the rest of the reunion play out tomorrow? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss the rest of the Southern Charm reunion on Tuesday night on Bravo. There is no word yet if the show has been renewed for another season, but fans are very hopeful that it will be back again next year.

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